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ISE Height Adjustable Table

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Item: 52401-27
Product Dimensions: 42”W x 24”D
Height Range: 24” - 45”

Vintage Opa-Scope Still Picture Projector

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Item: 42493-1
Model: 20005

Wood Desk

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Item: 52420-4
Product Dimensions: 42”W x 24”D x 30”H

Drafting Table

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Item: 52402-30
Product Dimensions: 60”W x 38”D x 38”H


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$15.00 each (2 available)

Items: 52334-20 & 26
Product Dimensions: 54”W x 12.5”D x 50”H


product thumbnail image

$15.00 (2 available)

Items: 52334-21 & 24
Product Dimensions: 64.5”W x 12.5”D x 37”H

VIntage Cast Iron Radiators

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$100.00 each (4 available)

Items: 52019-2, 12 through 14

Hamilton Wood Drafting Table

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Item: 52402-29
Product Dimensions: 38”W x 28”D x 40”H
Note: Table top does not stay up

Herman Miller Mobile Tables

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$30.00 each (2 available)

Items: 52420-1 & 2
Product Dimensions: 60”W x 29.5”D x 29”H

Oversized Purple Letters

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Items: 52405- 2 through 4
Letter “U” Dimensions (1 available): 74”W x 56”H
Letter “B” Dimensions (2 available): 74”W x 54”H

Flatbed Cart

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Item: 51899-97
Product Dimensions: 37”W x 24”D x 38”H

Wood Bookshelf with Doors

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Item: 52301-3
Product Dimensions: 75”W x 20”D x 86”H

Berger Manufacturing Four Part Filing System

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Item: 52250-59
Product Dimensions: 26”W x 17”D x 50”H

Mighty Press Heat Press

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Items: 51704-101
Product Dimensions: 30”W x 20”D x 16”H

Batting Cages

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$15.00 - $25.00, Depending on Size

Items: 52351- 3 through 7
Product Dimensions: Multiple Sizes Available

Twin Spin Pitching Machine

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Items: 52351-9
Product Dimensions: 26”W x 29”D x 38”H
Powers on, but needs repair.

Jugs Jr. Pitching Machine

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Items: 52351-8
Product Dimensions: 34”W x 32”D x 43”H
Turns on and wheel spins

Wood Coffee Table

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$30.00 (2 available)

Items: 52293-12, 11
Product Dimensions: 24”W x 24”D x 21”H

Study Carrel

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Items: 52073-2
Product Dimensions: 88”W x 24”D x 52”H

Big deals down at the Surplus Store!

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Take an additional 50% off everything in store. Excludes beds. Ends Wednesday, November 22!

GovDeals Online Auction: MAC Access Control Gates + Software & Accessories!

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~GovDeals Auction: CLOSES DEC 4~

Re-listed at a lower starting bid & no reserve! The University of Washington Surplus Property department is pleased to offer these two MAC access control gates—1 single & 1 tandem—plus computer control software & related accessories. Access control gates are “ideal for site security, site contractor management, [and] reduction of job site tool theft” (from manufacturer’s statement).

This auction listing consists of the following items:
1.) MAC1 single-turnstile access control gate. Dimensions: 8’9”H x 6’W x 8’L. Sprayed-on non-slip/ water-proof flooring in turnstile bay, overhead lighting, outside flood lighting, junction box, CAT-5 box, fork truck pockets, roll-up doors on both sides for shutting down lane.
2.) MAC2dc tandem-turnstile access control gate. Dimensions: 8’6”H x 10’W x 8’L. Full-height tandem turnstile, structural tube steel door casings, overhead lighting, breaker box, CAT-5 computer connections, all conduit runs completed, one 110 60 hz power connection required on external junction box, overhead lighting above entry and exit to turnstile, roll-up doors for shutting down turnstile lanes, outside flood lighting on both faces, spray-on non-slip/ water-proof rubberized flooring under all turnstiles.
3.) Computer control software & accessories.

This equipment was used by the University of Washington during a construction project and is no longer needed. Access control gates are located in the UW E4 lot at the northeast side of UW’s Seattle campus. Computer control software & accessories are stored in the UW Surplus warehouse at 4515 25th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

For questions, or to arrange for a viewing appointment, please contact UW warehouse & auctions supervisor, Brad Meeker: / 206-543-3948.

This auction closes at 7:30pm Pacific Time, Monday, December 4, 2017.

For more pictures, full specs, and to place bids, CLICK HERE!

Lot: Approx. 34 Rolls of Portafloor Event Flooring!

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$1750 for the entire lot!

Surplus ID# 52236-1
Lot of approximately 34 large rolls of Portafloor event flooring.

The Office of Ceremonies estimates there is enough Portafloor to cover half a football field. Color: Green. Each ROLL is approximately 50”-wide & 45”-diameter. Each ROW in a roll is made up of smaller rows that are 4-brick-shapes-wide, with bricks measuring approximately 12” x 3.5” each.

These bundled rolls are stacked together & located at the UW’s Sand Point storage facility: Building 5-D, first floor, 7501 63rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA.

For questions, or to arrange for a viewing appointment, please contact Colleen Rhay: / 206-543-2592.

#GivingTuesday Food Drive!

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Get in the #GivingTuesday spirit! Bring two food donations for the UW Food Pantry and we’ll give you a UW Surplus tote bag or umbrella! Donation box located next to the cash register. November 16-30, while supplies last.

Items needed include: canned vegetables and fruit, shelf-stable milk/alternatives, peanut or other nut butters, pasta, rice and other grains, cereal and granola, soups and stews, canned chicken, tuna, salmon, cooking oil, toiletries (toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, etc.)”