Te-Pla Plasma Pen

Te-Pla Plasma Pen
Price: $3,300.00
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43201-1. Before you get any wild ideas about finally being able to sign your name in plasma, let us note that this is a very specialized scientific instrument.

This TePla “Plasma Pen” atmospheric plasma system is approximately 2 years old. Item is located in room N330Q of Foege Hall, UW campus, Seattle, WA. For more information, or to arrange for a viewing appointment please contact Jeanette Stein at 206-543-6718 or mjstein@uw.edu . To purchase this equipment, contact Eric Wahl in the Surplus office: 206-685-1573/ ericwahl@uw.edu. Buyer is solely responsible for pick-up and packaging/shipping. Upon receipt of payment, we will release the equipment to the buyer and notify the department where the equipment is housed.

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