Sony DVCAM Tapes

Sony DVCAM Tapes
Price: $4.00 each
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Sony PDV-184N DVCAM tapes—they appear to be new. I’ve been at this computer too long today because every time I see “Sony DVCAM” my brain reads it as “Sandy Duncan,” and then I think of Peter Pan, and then I think of Triscuit commercials, and then I think of how Valerie Harper must have really been irked when Sandy Duncan took over on that sitcom from which Rhoda got booted … and THEN I have to remind myself that all this took root in my brain because of old DV tapes. Huh. And thenthenthen I hear “Sandy Duncan” in place of “Barbra Streisand” in that song by Duck Sauce and it’s all over …
Here are some tapes you can buy.
UPDATE: And I’ve just been informed there used to be a band called Sandy Duncan’s Glass Eye, and I will never be the same again. This is just INSIDIOUS.

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