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GovDeals Online Auctions: Strex Cell Stretching System + Accessories (Closes 7pm, 11/18/19)

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~GovDeals Online Auction: CLOSES NOV 18~

The University of Washington is pleased to offer this Strex cell stretching system for bids.

STREX CELL STRETCHING SYSTEM: 1) Amplifier for STB-140-10 2) Pulse Generator for STB-140-10 3) STB-10-10 Manual Stretching System 4) Modification for Stretch & Electric Synchronization System.

STREX STB-140-10: Highly versatile cell stretching system, which is capable of stretching cells in culture: functions by applying a stress load to cells growing in the CO2 incubator. It simultaneously stretches cells in multiple chambers to enable comparison between samples. The system’s mechanical stretching unit operates inside the CO2 incubator, while the control unit is established outside. Detachable stretch chamber mounting unit can be transferred to a clean bench, enabling aseptic operations.

STRETCHING SYSTEM MAIN UNIT: Stretch Unit: STB-1400-10: Uses 10 cm² chambers which are best suited to biochemical research such as gene and protein expression. Detachable stretch chamber mounting unit can be covered with a lid and placed in a culture plate and supports up to 6 units. Control Unit: Generates stretching patterns and regulates motor cooling. A pre-programmed one-chip microcomputer is embedded into the controller. The stretch ratio and stretch frequency (the stretch pattern) can be configured using the DIP switch on the controller. The controller also regulates the flow of water that cools the main motor driving the stretch unit. Cables: The main stretching unit and the controller are connected by signal cable bundled with the tubing used for water cooling the main unit motor. Coolant tank and coolant tube: Stretching patterns: Up to 64 patterns. Stretch direction: Uniaxial. Stretching ratio: Up to 20%.

ST0.311.01 (E-stim add-on Unit): Modification of existing stretch system STB-140-10 to accommodate synchronous electric stimulation with stretch signal control including platinum electrode lid. Stimulation frequencies are adjustable between 1-60 cycles/min.

No known defects or abnormalities with the equipment.

Weight/ Dimensions: STREX STB-140-10: Length: 10.5 inch, width: 9 inch, weight: 8 Ibs. ST0.311.01: Length: 8.5 inch, width: 3.5 inch, weight: 6 Ib

This auction closes at 7pm Pacific Time on Monday, November 18, 2019.

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