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GovDeals Online Auction: 65.5' Oceanographic Vessel: The Clifford A. Barnes

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~GovDeals Online Auction: CLOSES JUNE 6~


This vessel is located at the UW Marine Sciences Building dock on our Seattle campus. Onsite contact for specific questions or to arrange for a viewing appointment is outgoing Marine Operations Manager, Doug Russell: 206-543-5062 or 206-321-5320 / or incoming Marine Operations Manager, Robert Kamphaus: 206-685-5672 (office) or 206-225-0562 (cell) /

The Clifford A. Barnes has been a “local” class oceanographic research vessel built originally as a U.S. Coast Guard ice-breaking harbor tugboat. The vessel was transferred to the National Science Foundation in 1982 before its conversion to marine science research and assignment to the University of Washington. Full ownership for R/V Barnes was transferred to the UW in late 2018.

For complete specs, many more photos, and to place your bids, click here!

This auction closes at 7pm Pacific Time, Thursday, June 6, 2019.

GovDeals Online Auctions: Strex Cell Stretching System + Accessories (Closes 7pm, 11/18/19)

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~GovDeals Online Auction: CLOSES NOV 18~

The University of Washington is pleased to offer this Strex cell stretching system for bids.

STREX CELL STRETCHING SYSTEM: 1) Amplifier for STB-140-10 2) Pulse Generator for STB-140-10 3) STB-10-10 Manual Stretching System 4) Modification for Stretch & Electric Synchronization System.

STREX STB-140-10: Highly versatile cell stretching system, which is capable of stretching cells in culture: functions by applying a stress load to cells growing in the CO2 incubator. It simultaneously stretches cells in multiple chambers to enable comparison between samples. The system’s mechanical stretching unit operates inside the CO2 incubator, while the control unit is established outside. Detachable stretch chamber mounting unit can be transferred to a clean bench, enabling aseptic operations.

STRETCHING SYSTEM MAIN UNIT: Stretch Unit: STB-1400-10: Uses 10 cm² chambers which are best suited to biochemical research such as gene and protein expression. Detachable stretch chamber mounting unit can be covered with a lid and placed in a culture plate and supports up to 6 units. Control Unit: Generates stretching patterns and regulates motor cooling. A pre-programmed one-chip microcomputer is embedded into the controller. The stretch ratio and stretch frequency (the stretch pattern) can be configured using the DIP switch on the controller. The controller also regulates the flow of water that cools the main motor driving the stretch unit. Cables: The main stretching unit and the controller are connected by signal cable bundled with the tubing used for water cooling the main unit motor. Coolant tank and coolant tube: Stretching patterns: Up to 64 patterns. Stretch direction: Uniaxial. Stretching ratio: Up to 20%.

ST0.311.01 (E-stim add-on Unit): Modification of existing stretch system STB-140-10 to accommodate synchronous electric stimulation with stretch signal control including platinum electrode lid. Stimulation frequencies are adjustable between 1-60 cycles/min.

No known defects or abnormalities with the equipment.

Weight/ Dimensions: STREX STB-140-10: Length: 10.5 inch, width: 9 inch, weight: 8 Ibs. ST0.311.01: Length: 8.5 inch, width: 3.5 inch, weight: 6 Ib

This auction closes at 7pm Pacific Time on Monday, November 18, 2019.

For more photos & information, and to place bids, CLICK HERE!

SEALED BID SALE: Commercial & Industrial Laundry Equipment

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Sealed Bid Sale

The University of Washington is hereby soliciting bids for the sale of Commercial & Industrial Laundry Equipment. This lot includes a wide range of equipment, including a Colmac Steam Tunnel, Lavatec Tunnel Washers and Dryers, Chicago Small Piece Folders and Flatwork Feeders, American Hypro Flatwork Ironers and Stackers, Norman Control OR Inspection Light Tables, a SaniWash Cart Washer and much more! Equipment will be sold as one (1) lot and will not be sold separately. Clear title will transfer and the equipment is offered “AS-IS,WHERE-IS”. Equipment list, full specs, photos, and bid card are below.

Signed, sealed bids must be submitted by 10:00am PT, Friday, October 25, 2019 at the following address:

Jeanel Cassidy
University of Washington
Surplus Property
4515 25th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

All envelopes must be marked Commercial & Industrial Laundry Equipment Bid Sale 2019-10G. All bids must be made on the bid form provided and signed in ink. Telephone and FAX bids will not be accepted.

All bids received will be opened and publicly read. Bids received after 10:00am PT, Friday, October 25, 2019 will be returned unopened. The University of Washington reserves the right to accept the highest price offered. In the event of a tie bid, State of Washington agencies or school districts will be given priority. The University also reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids in the best interest of the University or to waive any informality.

The equipment will be available for inspection by appointment at the University of Washington Consolidated Laundry Building, 2901 27th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98144. Inspection appointments can be made for the hours of 9:00am to 3:00pm PT, Monday – Friday. Appointments must be made at least five (5) business days in advance. Appointments for inspection may be scheduled with Emmanuel Okoye, / 206-605-9552.

Questions about the bid process and sales contract should be directed to Jeanel Cassidy, Technical questions about the equipment should be addressed to Emmanuel Okoye, / 206-605-9552.

Equipment Photos

Invitation to Bid.pdf (173.37 KB)

Spec Document .pdf (781.42 KB)

Equipment List.pdf (617.96 KB)

Certificate of Insurance.pdf (34.67 KB)

So You Want to Take Part in a Surplus Live Auction?

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Curious about what happens at our live public auctions but afraid you might accidentally win something if you scratch your nose or stretch your arm? Fear not! Surplus live auctions are lively affairs in which a live auction caller directs & accepts bids on a wide variety of auction lots with the help of bid spotters and bidders’ own numbered bidder paddle cards. And if you happen to scratch your nose or stretch your arm, we won’t award a bid to you unless you want us to do so.

Approximately 6 – 8 Saturdays per year, UW Surplus Auctions hosts live public auctions at the Surplus warehouse. Auction lots are comprised of large quantities of like-items such as laptops, servers, and desktop computers, items that are large in size or scale such as printing presses, plotters, and industrial equipment like saws, lathes & milling machines, and groups of items of similar use or function such as medical equipment, audio-visual equipment, and kitchen or lab equipment. Our live auctions also offer unique items such as professional coffee equipment, maritime equipment like buoys and rope, art equipment like pottery wheels, and racks full of printer inks & toners.

So whether you’re a reseller who finds clients for laptops & computers, a tinkerer on the lookout for that perfect saw or drill press for your garage shop, a photography enthusiast excited by the range of cameras we offer, a couple of young start-ups looking for espresso machines for your new business, or a crafty sort who knows just the trick to convert a giant old metal buoy into a fire pit or grill, UW Surplus Auctions has something of interest for you!

We post our online auction catalog to a week before the auction begins. Interested bidders may register online at Proxibid (and submit pre-bids!) or in person at the Surplus warehouse the Friday before the auction & the Saturday morning of the auction. When you register with us in person, you receive an official, numbered bidder paddle card you then raise during the auction if you want to bid or if you win the auction lot. Paper copies of the catalog are available to all visitors starting the Friday of auction preview, and numbered auction lots are staged at the north end of the warehouse unless otherwise noted.

Live auctions begin at 10am Pacific Time at the south end of the Surplus warehouse, where you’ll find several comfortable seats arranged before the auction caller’s stage & podium. You’ll see 2 stations on either side of the stage—one for the auction clerk who records all winning bids & bid amounts, and one for the Proxibid clerk, who must yell “Yep!” for each new online bid received during the auction. The auction is simulcast via live streaming through Proxibid, which means bids are coming in both online and onsite. Onsite bid spotter staff and projection screens displaying the current lot and bid progression ensure that everyone knows what the current bid is on that lot you’re interested in, so don’t be shy—raise your bidder card & bid! It’s easy to see how people get caught up in the excitement of rapid auction bidding, so it’s good to act fast when there’s something you really want!

If you’ve won items in our auction, you may issue payment right away at the cashier’s desk or make your removal arrangements and issue payment by the deadline of the close of business the Thursday after the auction. The removal deadline for auction items is the end of the day the Friday after the auction. Surplus staff will help you load auction items onto or into your vehicle at no charge. If you will be using a third-party shipper to pick-up and haul your winnings, we ask that you send us a copy of your shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL) for our records; that way, we can release the materials to your shipper. With few exceptions, UW Surplus is unable to pack items for shipping, but we are happy to work with your designated shipping agent.

An additional nice feature of auction Saturdays is that the UW Surplus Store is open to the public from 8am – 3:30pm. So grab a coffee, bring your dog, bring your friends, and find some great deals while supporting UW Surplus’ mission of reuse, repurpose, recycle! We hope to see you at the warehouse!

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