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’60s Mod Chair

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Just $5.00!

42450-5. It’s hard to be groovy without a way-out chair, and this sturdy wood and Age-of-Aquarius-blue number is gonna’ really vibe with your paisley slacks and macramé vest. So fire up the fondue pot, adjust the rabbit ears on the Zenith, and sock it to yourself!

“Beach Window”

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(It’s not really the beach; it just looks that way.) Measures 19 x 23”.

“Bike Frame”

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38848-26. Well, its orange tag says “Bike Frame,” but I haven’t met the person who could cycle something like this down the street. At least I hope I haven’t. Word on the street is that this was used for some kooky engineering project.

“Busso Balls” will Probably Look More Ball-ish Once Inflated

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$10.00 each

Looking for all the world like the biggest mound of wadded up gum, these variously-hued items are actually deflated exercise balls that came to us labeled as “Busso balls,” which evidently is not a thing. But our good, variously-reliable friend The Interwebs, suggests these are actually called Bosu balls. Frankly, you can call them whatever you want if you come buy them.

“Leadership Desk Accessories."

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Gavel & gavel base: $3.00 each; 2-pen holder: $5.00; 1-pen holder: $3.00; Multi-armed deity: $5.00

Your mileage may vary. The back of the box housing the gavel says, “Symbol of Leadership” next to—we kid you not—a picture of a large tree that’s been cut down. What on Earth does this mean? With 3 pens & a gavel, the metal deity may need more hands.

“Little Junior”

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43882-1. Technically, this is a resuscitation model, but if you want to put a hat & shirt on him and introduce him around town as your new friend, that’s entirely up to you. Unlike your other friends, Little Junior’s face peels off, so there’s that. Comes with a blue travel bag if you’re shy.


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$25.00 for the whole set

43583-59. Well, this bunch of rollers bracketed by metal came to us listed as “shelving,” and we suppose you could use it for that, but it looks more like the set up for a distribution conveyor—rolling boxes along a line & that sort of thing. Of course, this stuff would also make for one heck of a back scratcher.

“Smoking Lamp”

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44517-1. I’ll admit I wondered why someone called this a “Smoker Lamp.” I worried it might start smoking if we plugged it in, but it didn’t. I felt sure this was an outdoor heat lamp (it is), and then one of our staffers came by and said, “Oh, they also put these outside near where smoker’s smoke so they don’t freeze,” so: Ohhhhhhhhhh. Approximately 7’-high. Untested.


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43826-13. This came to us listed as a telescope. We don’t think it is exactly, but it has lenses and a view-hole, so your mileage may vary. By American Optical.

”Tree in a Bag”

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37286-1. Here you have your standard tree in a bag.

”What-Shape-Is-That?” Table.

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37259-1. Definitely a table shape you won’t see coming and going in every other office, this unusual trapezoidal office implement features lockable wheels and measures approximately 66 x 26 x 28”H (long end is 35”).

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