Items shown represent a small selection of current inventory.

Candle Holders

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$3.00 each (12 available)

Collection of Books!

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$0.50 and Up

Most are only $1.00!

Crate with Bottles

product thumbnail image

$25.00 each (9 available)

Descriminating Four-Legged Customers Choose UW Surplus

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You can't put a price on this kind of sophistication & taste

We call him Pupperino, and he’s a four-legged frequent flier at the Surplus Store because: obviously this pooch knows the better establishments of Seattle. Pupperino, we salute you!

Folding Chair

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$10.00 each (10 available)

Item: 63740

Globe Wernicke Wood File Cabinet

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Item: 63305-1
Product Dimensions: 16.5”W x 25”D x 51”H

Glorious Rainbow Over 25th Ave!

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One of the many benefits of visiting the Surplus Store when it’s rainy: awesome meteorological metaphors like this!

Goat Visitor

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Niblets, tin cans, you know . . .

Yeah, so you may have heard that sometimes we have goats show up in the store—typically with our regular customer, Lacia, who is happy to tell you all about her endeavors in the Wide World of Goats.

Industrial Chic Coat Rack

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Item: 63197-6
Product Dimensions: 30”W x 18”D x 74”H

Pelican Cases

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$150.00 each (2 available)

Item: 63619 - 6 & 9
Product Dimensions: 19”W x 19”D x 24”H

Personal Fans

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$3.00 each (150 available)

12” Fan Height

Soda? Pop? Yep, We’ve Got That & More!

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Drinks priced as listed

Regardless of where you fall on the great pop vs. soda terminology divide (sodapop, anyone?), we’ve now got you covered and then some. Customers have been asking for some type of drinks machine in the Surplus Store—we’ve heard you, and we are now happy to offer a vending machine that offers soda, pop, water, juice, and energy drinks. The vending machine accepts both cash and debit/credit cards. Automatic for the people, yo.

Wood Crate

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Item: 63273-1
Product Dimensions: 24”W x 24”D x 46”H

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