Timed Online Auctions

ONLINE TIMED AUCTIONS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED DURING THE WA STAY-AT-HOME ORDER FROM THE GOVERNOR. We will resume GovDeals timed auctions once staff are cleared to return to work. We will have many new listings soon!

What Items Are Put Into Timed Online Auctions?

Unique items, specialized equipment, vehicles, and items generally too large to come into our warehouse are put up for bids in online timed auctions via GovDeals.com. Past timed online auctions have included: large wooden sheds, passenger buses, DNA sequencers, live potted trees, pallets of phone equipment, food trucks, weaving looms, large weightlifting equipment, and one-of-a-kind Rose Bowl spec football shoes.

Where Are the Timed Online Auction Items Located?

While some timed auction items are located at the Surplus warehouse, in many cases the items up for bids are located across the UW’s Seattle campus as well as at our satellite facilities. Each listing will include the location of the equipment and contact information for an onsite person acting as point of reference for interested bidders who have questions or would like to arrange for a viewing appointment.

How Do I Bid in Timed Online Auctions?

Interested bidders may set up an account directly on GovDeals.com’s registration page. Once approved for bidding, you may peruse GovDeals’ many listings at your leisure as well as ask sellers questions about the items up for bids. You may always see what items UW Surplus has up for bids by checking our current listings page.

Do I Issue Payment to UW Surplus?

All payments are handled through GovDeals.com and not directly by UW Surplus. We are notified once payment has been issued to GovDeals, and we then put the winners in touch with the onsite contact folks so they may make pick-up & removal arrangements. Sometimes, as with vehicle auctions, UW Surplus is the onsite contact for pick-up.

What If I Want to Have a Shipping Company Pick Up the Item I Won?

We are happy to work with the third-party shipping agent of your choice; we just ask that you send us a copy of the shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL) for our records or at least notify us in writing of the name of the shipping company & the date & time they plan to arrive for pickup. That way, the University is permitted to release the item(s) to a third party.

Is This How You Handle All Vehicle Auctions Now?

For the foreseeable future, all UW vehicle auction sales will be faciitated through GovDeals.com. UW Surplus still signs over the physical titles & hands over keys to winners from the cashier’s desk at the UW Surplus Store, and the auction vehicles are almost entirely parked across the street from us in the UW’s E2 lot.

Who Should I contact if I have Other Questions?

We welcome your questions at surplus@uw.edu and 1-206-685-1573.