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SR 520 bridge trail opening
A new way to travel between the UW and the Eastside

There’s a new way to commute from the Eastside! On Wednesday, December 20, the Washington State Department of Transportation opened the new SR 520 Trail, connecting cyclists and pedestrians across SR 520 for the first time.

This vital bridge connection will transform bicycling to and from the Eastside. For example, bike trip times to the University of Washington from downtown Kirkland are now half as long. And, the bridge trail is a link that users of all abilities can enjoy – from bike commuters, to casual riders, and even walkers out to enjoy a scenic view.

Need wheels?

Seattle now has several bike sharing systems, so you can test the trail even if you don’t own your own bike! Spin and LimeBike offer special UW pricing when you sign up to become a bikeshare member using your “” email address. Just download the app and register with your “” email address.

Wishing for a new commute?

Not sure what your bike commuting options are? UW Transportation Services staff are here to help you learn all about your options with free personalized support to help you find a commute that best fits your needs. Click here to request a personal trip plan.

Interested in learning more?

Check out this WSDOT video for an aerial view of the newest section of the SR 520 Trail, connecting the Eastside and Montlake.

Read the WSDOT blog post about the construction of the path and how it fits in with regional trails!

Here’s to kicking off the new year with a shorter, better bike commute!