Parking Lots and Garages

Campus Map

Please refer to the UW campus map for information on parking lots and garages throughout campus. This convenient tool allows you to highlight all parking lots across campus, locate gatehouses to purchase parking permits, and find the way to your destination.

AVI reader at gate

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Access at Gated Parking Facilities

Transportation Services is introducing Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) as a means of entering and exiting gated/doored facilities. AVI provides secure and convenient hands-free access control into and out of these facilities. To see this technology in action, watch this thirty second video.

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What is AVI and how does it work?

AVI is a gate access method that uses a long-range identification reader to detect the customer’s permit credentials. It automatically captures the customer’s permit data without them needing to swipe or tap an access card at a gate reader.

Will an AVI tag incur additional parking costs?

No. Parking charges are dependent on the kind of parking permit / access you have purchased. However, there is a replacement fee of $25 for lost or broken cards.

Will I be able to use the current UW hang tag permit?

No. The AVI permitting system requires the customer to use an AVI tag affixed to the inside of the vehicle’s windshield.

Who is eligible for AVI?

Customers who are assigned to AVI controlled facilities will receive AVI tags that will allow access to the facility to which they are assigned. Fleet managed vehicles will have access to pre-arranged facilities.

AVI customer and Fleet tags

Can the AVI tag only be used for one vehicle?

AVI card sleeve

No. The tag will be contained in a clear plastic sleeve that will be attached to the windshield. This allows the tag to be easily be removed and placed within a sleeve on the windshield of another vehicle. Plastic sleeves will be administered by the Transportation Sales & Administration department.

AVI cards are assigned to specific parking permit holders and are not transferrable to others.

What if the AVI reader doesn’t work or cannot read my tag?

Depending on the facility you are trying to enter, there will be other options available that will grant you access, such as Husky Card magstripe readers and credit card readers. For the facilities that are AVI-only, the issue could be with the AVI tag position on the vehicle, at which point we recommend re-positioning the tag. If it is not the position of the tag, then it could be an issue with either your account or the AVI reader itself, at which point, please contact the Transportation Services office using the intercom or in person during office hours.

Can the AVI card be used to park outside of its assigned parking facility?

No. If you need to park outside your assigned parking facility, please first visit a campus gatehouse to obtain an out-of-area parking permit.

How should the AVI card be installed?

AVI placement

The AVI card holder should be mounted on the inside of the lower left (driver’s side) of the windshield, approximately 2 inches inward from the edge of the windshield and 4 inches above the bottom of the windshield, portrait orientation (see photo).

Ensure that the side of the AVI card has the logo facing outward. To avoid citation, please ensure the entire card is visible from outside the vehicle.

AVI card holders are not re-mountable after the initial install. Any separation of the adhesive pad on the holder from the windshield will be permanent and a new holder will have to be installed. Please visit our office to obtain a new holder.

Where will AVI access be available?

Facilities with AVI access will include the E1 surface lot, the E12 surface lot, the Portage Bay Garage (PBG), the Benjamin Hall (W44) garages, the Mercer Court (W39) garage, the Cedar Apartment (W20-23) garages and the Lander Hall (W8) garage.

When will AVI be available?

AVI is being rolled out facility by facility. Customers assigned to each facility will be contacted directly about the process.

Changes to Campus Parking Infrastructure Effective Fall 2015

New, more resilient equipment is being installed in some campus parking lots to deliver a better and more flexible customer service experience. It is built on forward-looking technology and will allow for greater flexibility in the future. The new equipment is the first phase of a multi-year project to replace and make improvements to an aging software system.

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Paying by Credit Card in E1

Credit/debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted at E1. American Express and Discover Card are not accepted. Cash will no longer be accepted after the new equipment comes online. Husky Card Debit Account will not be accepted at this time.

How will I be able to use my credit card to gain access into E1?

E1 Entrance Reader mock up w credit cardUsing your Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit/debit card at the entrance reader, insert your card into the slot labeled “Credit Card.” When the display text reads “Please remove credit card,” pull the card out of the slot. The reader will then verify the card’s information, at which point the gate will lift, allowing entry.

How will I be able to exit E1?

Drive up to gate and gate arm will open automatically.

Paying with Mag Stripe Card in E1

For permit holders, swiping with the mag stripe on your Husky Card (or access card) will continue to be an option for entry and exit at E1. Husky Card Debit Account will not be accepted at this time.

How will I be able to use my Husky Card (or access card) with the magnetic stripe reader to gain access into E1?

E1 Entrance Reader mock up w mag stripe card.pngAt the entrance reader, slide your Husky Card (or access card) in the magnetic stripe reader with the card’s magnetic stripe facing the right side. The reader will then verify the card’s information, at which point the gate will lift, allowing entry.

How will I be able to exit E1?

Drive up to gate and gate arm will open automatically.

If I am a permit holder, will I be billed on top of my usual permit payroll deduction?

No. The transaction will be treated the same as an Out of Area permit from a gatehouse.

If I am a PPUP user, will the fee at E1 be different than at the other PPUP facilities?

No. Normal PPUP rates apply at E1.

What happens if I lose my Husky Card (or access card) after entry?

E1 Exit Reader mock up with intercomThere are two options: 1. Select the Lost Ticket option on the exit reader display and pay the lost ticket fee with a credit card using the designated credit card slot. 2. During business hours (6 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. Saturday), you can contact Transportation Services using the intercom to notify an attendant of your situation, at which point they will gather your information and lift the gate to allow you to exit. Be sure to report your card as lost or stolen at the Husky Card office and replace the card as soon as possible.

Will Husky Card Debit Accounts continue to be accepted at E1?

Not at this time. Transportation Services is working on the technology interface for Husky Card Debit Account acceptance. For now, we are unable to accept Husky Card Debit Account payment.

Using the Intercom

The intercom built into the entrance and exit readers will allow customers to contact a Transportation Services representative to troubleshoot issues with gate access.

How do I use the intercom for assistance?

e1-middle-entrance-reader-intercom.pngPress the button underneath the “i” icon in the top right region of the access reader. There will be an audible ring until a TS representative answers the call to assist you.

When should I use the intercom for assistance?

Before using the intercom to reach out for assistance, perform multiple attempts to gain access with your credentials, adjusting the position of your tag, credit card or Husky Card. Also, depending on traffic and the number of alternative lanes in or out of a facility, it is recommended that you attempt gate access through another lane. Intercom assistance should be used as the last resort when all other gate access attempts fail.

What information do I need to provide the Transportation Services representative when reaching out for gate access assistance through the intercom?

You must provide your name and employee ID number or student ID number when requesting assistance for facility access. Transportation Services will neither request nor accept debit card or credit card information through the intercom.

What if I cannot provide that information?

You will have to either access a different facility that allows for non-UW credential access (e.g. credit card or debit card), or find parking at a non-UW parking facility or public street.

N28 Parking Garage Information

15th Ave NE and NE 45th St.

Garage and Building Access Hours

Garage doors are open 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday - Friday only, excluding UW holidays

4545 Building access allowed 6 a.m. - 10 p.m., Monday - Friday only with N28 Access Card, excluding UW holidays

Important Points About Parking

N28 UW permit holders may park on levels B through G. Signage notes the garage levels. After 6 p.m. on weekdays and at all times on weekends, N28 UW permit holders are asked to park only on levels F and G.

Out of area permits issued at campus gatehouses for lots N1 – N5 are not available to N28 permit holders.

Important Points About Garage and Building Access

The UW Technologies offices in the 4545 Building are in a highly secured area. Garage and building security regulations are enforced by Access Control Group. Please note that failure to comply with the regulations outlined below could result in suspension of building access rights. Please note that there are only two readers inside the 4545 Building that may be used, both located on the ground floor. Also, each level of the garage has only one reader for building access, located at the southeast corner, nearest to 15th Avenue.

Your N28 Access Card allows garage entry 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Pedestrians needing to enter or exit the garage outside of authorized building hours should use the pedestrian gate adjacent to the vehicle exit ramp.

Your first N28 Access Card will be issued at no charge. Charge for an N28 Access Card replacement is $35.00.

Please notify Transportation Services at 206-221-3701 immediately if your N28 Access Card is lost or stolen.

When relocating to a different lot or separating from UW your N28 Access Card must be returned to Transportation Services along with your permit and/or U-PASS.

W52 Parking Garage Information

Watch our W52 informational tour video.

Parking an Oversized Vehicle on Campus

University of Washington garage clearances are as follows:

  • Central Plaza Garage - 6’10” - accessed from NE 41st St and 15th Ave NE
  • Padelford Parking Garage - 7’0” - accessed from Pend Oreille Road off Montlake Blvd NE
  • S1 Parking Garage - 7’5” - accessed from 15th Ave NE and Columbia Road, located behind the UWMC
  • Triangle Parking Garage - 6’8” - accessed from NE Pacific Place, this underground facility is located across NE Pacific Street from the UWMC
  • Surgery Pavillion Garage - 9’6” (level 1), 6’7” (levels 2-3) - for patients and their guests
  • Portage Bay Garage - 7’2” (west), 6’8” (east) - located on NE Pacific Street between Brooklyn Avenue NE and 15th AVE NE
  • 4545 Garage (N28) - 6’3”
  • UW Tower Garages - 6’11” - accessed from 12th Ave NE between NE 43rd St and NE 45th St

Northeast residence hall parking garage clearances are as follows:

  • McMahon Parking Garage - 6’8” (N13), 7’ (N14, N15)
  • Haggett Parking Garage - 6’2” (N9), 6’4” (N10, N11)

West residence hall parking garage clearances are as follows:

  • W8 garage (Lander, Maple and Terry halls) - ranges from 10’10” at the entrance to 6’8” inside
  • Cedar Hall - 7’ (W20), 6’6” (W21, W22, W23) - W23 access van stall has 8’2” clearance
  • Mercer Hall- 7’ (East entrance), 8’2” (West entrance)
  • Stevens Court - 7’6” (W29), 6’10” (W32, W33)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There are fourteen, 240V/40Amp, Level 2 electrical charging station locations on campus that are available to UW parking permit holders (excluding E18 Value permits) for free up to a 2 hour maximum. These charging stations are located in C1, E19, N2, N5, N22, S1 and W46.

Find your closest Electric Vehicle Charging Station using our Campus Electric Vehicle Parking Map.

  • - Vehicles must display a valid UW parking permit (E18 Value permits are excluded).
  • - You may park at an electric vehicle charging station for up to two hours while actively charging.
  • - No out-of-area permit or additional electric vehicle charging fee is required.