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Authorized Drivers and Passengers

Any questions concerning this authorized list may be addressed by contacting the Fleet Safety office at 206-221-6838. Questions about insurance coverage and risk management should be directed to UW Risk Services at 206-543-3659.

UW-owned vehicles must only be used for official University business. All authorized renters and drivers must be eligible for and possess a valid UW NetID that allows access to online training. Supervisors and coordinating faculty of personnel and students from other organizations must coordinate appropriate paperwork and insurance with UW Risk Services before such personnel are allowed to drive or rent a UW-owned vehicle. Allowing an unauthorized driver or passenger to operate and/or ride in a University of Washington vehicle; or use for other than official business may invalidate the University’s insurance coverage and may make the driver, renter and/or controlling department responsible for damages.

Authorized Renters and Drivers

  • UW Faculty
  • UW Staff
  • Currently enrolled UW Student
  • Official UW volunteers

Note: All drivers must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and have two years driving experience.

Authorized Passengers

  • All authorized renters and drivers
  • Research subjects unable to transport themselves
  • Patients and patient’s families requiring transport for patient care services
  • Vendors and business partners in the course of University business
  • Visiting dignitaries, speakers, scholars
  • Prospective employees and students
  • Participants in officially sanctioned UW programs

Not Authorized as Renters, Drivers or Passengers

  • Minor children under age 18 may not drive UW-owned vehicles
  • Members of student groups (registered or not), contractors, or temporary employees without explicit sponsorship from a UW department that vehicle use is for official UW business
  • Conference attendees
  • Family, spouses, children, friends, and acquaintances of faculty, staff, and students
  • Those who are not covered by insurance policies carried or coordinated by UW Risk Services

Specified Drivers

Specified drivers are:

  1. At-fault for 2 accidents in a UW-owned vehicle in a 24 month period
  2. At-fault for at least 1 accident causing any injury in a 24 month period
  3. Drive 1,000 miles or more per month for at least 6 months in a one year period

In accordance with Washington state’s Enterprise-wide Transportation Policy Section 12.20.20, specified drivers who obtain this status from being involved in too many accidents shall have their ability to drive a UW-owned vehicle suspended until they can complete an appropriate driver skills instruction course. UW Departments needing assistance should contact Fleet Safety at 206-221-6838.

CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing

The University of Washington’s drug and alcohol testing program complies with Federal laws that prohibit covered employees from being under the influence of intoxicants while working; and that require testing for those who hold and use a commercial driver’s license (CDL) as a matter of employment. This policy only applies to UW regular and temporary employees who are required to possess a CDL as a condition of employment; and who must drive a vehicle that requires a CDL for operation.

The majority of the language governing the UW CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing Program is contained in UW Administrative Policy Statement 13.8.

A complete description of the policy can be found on our CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing page.


Restraint and Seatbelt Use

Motor vehicle accidents remain a primary cause of death and injury for Americans between the age of 1 and 54, and a top killer of Americans of all ages. In many cases, death and injury are attributed to not using and improperly using seatbelts and other restraints.

Seatbelts and restraint systems save lives and reduce the severity of non-life threatening injuries. Time and again studies have shown that when all efforts to prevent a vehicle accidents fail, restraints are often the one measure that gives those in an accident their best chance at surviving - by as much as 70% over those who are not properly restrained.

Wearing a seatbelt or restraint does not make the occupant wearing it immune to injury. Safe, defensive driving should make the effectiveness of restraints unnecessary. As always, it is best to avoid getting into an accident in the first place.

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle on public roads in Washington without every occupant in a vehicle being properly restrained by a seatbelt or age/weight-appropriate child restraint system.

UW policy, which complies with Washington RCW 46.61.688 requires our drivers to ensure that they, and all occupants have a restraint available, and that each occupant is properly restrained before the vehicle moves. The number of passengers cannot exceed the number of restraints in a vehicle. Basically, if you’re driving or riding in a vehicle (including on campus streets and grounds) and it has seatbelts - you must use them.

Car Wash

Fleet Services provides self-serve car wash services for UW vehicles and vehicles owned by UW departments. The facility includes a drive-through car wash and a wash pad for oversize vehicles. Departments are responsible for vehicle cleanliness.

The car wash is open for use Tuesday - Friday, 7:15 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Use of the car wash on Monday is restricted to Fleet Services employees due to the high volume of rental vehicles returned over the weekend.

Outside Agency Rentals are NOT authorized to use the credit card for a car wash.

Fueling Vehicles and WEX Fuel Card Use

UCAR vehicles must be returned with no less a 1/2 tank of gas.

If you are within 5 miles of campus, refuel at Fleet Services (4659 25th Ave NE, next to University Village).

Every UCAR also comes with a WEX fuel card, for those times you’re further away. See below for details.

For non-Fleet Services state vehicles, fuel must be purchased ONLY at Fleet Services using a six-digit departmental budget number. A fuel transaction receipt must be filled out in the Fleet Services rental office.

WEX Fuel Cards

WEX fuel cards may be used to purchase the following:

  • Regular unleaded fuel
  • Diesel fuel
  • Oil
  • Emergency service
  • Necessary vehicle accessories such as windshield wiper blades

Misuse of a gas credit card includes, but is not limited to the purchase of:

  • Food or drinks
  • Transactions coded as miscellaneous
  • Maps
  • Full service
  • Premium or Super unleaded fuel
  • Fuel additives

Fleet Services will charge departments for misuse of credit cards. Drivers are responsible for repayment of these costs to the department.

WEX fuel cards are assigned to specific vehicles; do not use the card to fuel any other vehicles or to fill gas cans. All non-fuel transaction receipts for WEX fuel cards including oil, repair and car wash should be forwarded to Fleet Services.

If you are unable to use the WEX fuel card and must use personal means to pay for a fuel transaction, you may be reimbursed from Fleet Services. Save all receipts and bring them to the Fleet Services office.

How To Use WEX Fuel Cards

  1. Slide the WEX fuel card just as you would any other credit card.
  2. Enter your six-digit Driver ID number. This is the first five digits of the vehicle license plate number plus “0”. For example, if your license plate is 12345E, your Driver ID number is 123450.
  3. When prompted, enter the current vehicle mileage (not the trip meter reading).
  4. Fuel the vehicle.

All fuel receipts for WEX fuel card purchases must be submitted to Fleet Services (in person or via campus mail to box 354270).

Problems with your card? Contact the WEX customer service center 24/7 at 1-800-492-0669.

Insurance Coverage


The University of Washington maintains liability coverage for all University vehicles. This coverage protects authorized operators from claims of third parties for bodily injury or property damage, provided the vehicle was operated for and on behalf of the University, and was being operated within the scope of employees’ duties for official UW business.


Fleet Services vehicles are self- insured through the University of Washington for vehicle collisions. Property damage sustained from a vehicle accident or improper use may be charged back to the responsible department.

Operating Fund Payments for Accident Damage

The following defines the general circumstances in which the Fleet Services Operating Budget will pay to repair damage to Fleet-owned vehicles.


Motor vehicle accident damage not caused by UW drivers. Fleet-owned vehicles involved in incidents such as collisions and vehicles subjected to vandalism will typically be repaired using the operating fund.

Damages caused by vandalism, hit-and-run, and uninsured motorists to Fleet vehicles Damage such as graffiti, broken glass, and hit-and-run drivers will be repaired using the operating fund. In the event that damages are recovered, the amount recovered will go into the operating fund.

Acts of nature. Damage caused through no fault of the driver or assigned unit caused by acts of nature will be covered. Examples include flooding, hail damage, and animal strikes to vehicles.

Units assigned and renting vehicles will pay a small daily fee that covers the costs of the above listed sources of vehicle damage.


Motor vehicle accident damage caused by UW drivers; or caused by clearly unauthorized, negligent, and/or improper use of a Fleet vehicle. Fleet-owned vehicles involved in incidents such as striking objects and other vehicles will not be repaired using the operating fund. Similarly, the operating fund will not be used to repair damage determined to be caused by using the vehicle for purposes other than official UW business and/or in a manner inconsistent with the vehicle’s capabilities. Examples include:

  • Striking an object – including other vehicles
  • Damaging tires by hitting curbs
  • Striking the bottom of the vehicle on rough road terrain
  • Damage resulting from improper off road operation of a vehicle
  • From loading a vehicle incorrectly or beyond its listed capacity

Fault, negligence of the driver and other factors for purposes of coverage will be determined by examination of accident reports, police reports, and other data.

Damage to special equipment attached to vehicles (example: lift gates). Special equipment damaged or made unusable for any reason will be the responsibility of the unit needing the equipment to repair and will be charged to the budget used to rent the vehicle that the equipment is assigned.

Damage caused by clearly unauthorized, negligent and/or improper use of a Fleet vehicle. The operating fund will not be used to repair damage determined to be caused by using the vehicle for purposes other than official UW business and/or in a manner inconsistent with the vehicle’s capabilities. For example, damage resulting from improper off road operation of a vehicle; from loading a vehicle beyond its listed capacity; or striking a clearly marked overhead object would be excluded.

Damage caused to UW-owned vehicles caused by the use of other equipment (examples: tractors and forklifts). Damage caused by operating a Fleet-owned vehicle in conjunction with equipment such as tractors, trailers, forklifts and other machinery is excluded from operating fund payments. Damage caused to the vehicle by a unit other than the assigned unit shall be repaired at the expense of the unit controlling/operating the other piece of equipment.

Review Process

Determinations regarding causes and remedies to damage of Fleet-owned vehicles that are not clearly delineated by this policy will be made within one week of reporting the incident by the Fleet Services Manager.

Personal Injury

University employees, student employees, and authorized volunteers traveling on official University business are insured for any injuries under the Worker’s Compensation Program. Students and passengers who are not University employees are not insured by the Worker’s Compensation Program and are responsible for providing their own medical insurance. Student employees from other institutions can be sponsored to drive UW-owned vehicles by UW departments, but must have proof of personal injury coverage provided to the sponsoring UW department by their own institution prior to the sponsorship because UW’s Worker’s Compensation program cannot cover injuries to these types of employees.

Personal, UW, Grant-Owned or On-Loan Property

Fleet Services does not provide insurance coverage for personal, UW-owned, grant-owned, or on-loan property. If your department wishes to insure equipment, coverage may be obtained through the Equipment Insurance Program administered by the Office of Risk Services. This includes tools, computers, and other items stolen from inside a Fleet-owned vehicle, or damaged in the case of an incident.

Outside Rental Agency Coverage

Refer to the UW Travel Office for information about insurance coverage for outside agencies and UW Travel Card rentals.


Parking Fleet Services and UCAR Vehicles

Parking Fleet Services, UCAR, and permitted UW vehicles (UW operated but not rented through Fleet Services) On Campus UW Fleet Services vehicles may be parked in designated parking areas on campus without purchasing a UW parking permit. UW vehicles not rented through fleet are required to display a “UWV” permit. These permits are available through Transportation Services for the annual fee of $270.54 per year. There are areas on campus where University vehicles are not authorized to park. Parking in these areas may result in a parking citation. These areas include:

  • Stalls under the jurisdiction of a pay machine, whether pay-by-space or pay-and-display (unless making payment at the machine)
  • Areas with official signs prohibiting parking
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • In fire lanes
  • Wheelchair and disability stalls and lots
  • Lots and stalls specifically designated for other departments (e.g.” University Police Vehicles Only”)
  • “Restricted” stalls
  • “Service Vehicle Only” stalls
  • Load zones (over the posted time period)
  • In front of any gate, ramp, or other area where parking would block access (In these situations, the vehicle may be towed.)
  • Areas not designated for parking

If you are unsure where to park a University vehicle, contact Transportation Services at 206-221-3701.

Off Campus

When parking a vehicle off campus, the department is responsible for all parking fees. University vehicles are not exempt from parking fees at parking lots. Operators are personally responsible for parking violations and towing and/or storage resulting from parking violations.

Parking Personal and Outside Agency Vehicles

Van and Utility Vehicle Reservations: A parking permit for a personal vehicle is issued with the rental agreement when the vehicle is checked out. The parking permit is only good for 200 stalls in the E2 parking lot and stalls 20-40 along the Burke Gilman Trail. The parking permit is only good for the duration of the reservation, up to 30 days.

UCAR Reservations: The UCAR confirmation email includes a University of Washington parking permit to park a personal vehicle in a UCAR stall for the duration of the UCAR rental. The permit is located in the lower portion of the confirmation email usually on the second page. The permit can only be used in the parking lot which the UCAR is from and in a stall marked specifically for UCAR vehicles. If a personal vehicle with a UCAR permit is parked in a UCAR stall after the reservation time has ended the personal vehicle may be ticketed or towed.

Outside Agency Vehicles: Outside rental agency vehicle rentals arranged through Fleet Services may be parked on campus with a valid parking permit. A one day parking permit, valid until 7:30 a.m. the following morning, may be obtained from any campus gatehouse. To park an outside agency rental vehicle for longer than one day, you will need to pick up a long term parking permit from the Transportation Services office . Long term permits are not issued by campus gatehouse personnel. A rental agreement from the outside rental agency is needed to receive the parking permit. Note: Parking location designations will be determined by Transportation Services.

Picking Up and Returning Vehicles

Picking up a UCAR Vehicle

UCAR vehicles are picked up at the following parking lots:

  • Central Plaza Garage level C1, accessible from Kane Hall and Gerberding Hall entrances from Red Square or the parking gatehouse entrance on 15th Ave NE
  • South Campus Center mid-level between M17 and M18, located behind the UW Medical Center on the 2nd floor near the north main stairwell
  • E2 parking lot on 25th Ave NE, south of University Village
  • UW Tower Garage level 4E, in W46 next to the elevator
  • N22 parking lot, located across the street from the Hall Health building
  • Portage Bay Garage - 3745 15th Ave NE, across from the William H. Foege Bioengineering building
  • N5 parking lot, located just off Memorial Way next to the Theodor Jacobsen Observatory
  • UW Bothell, level 4 of the South Parking Garage
  • UW Bothell Beardslee - 19128 112th Ave, Bothell, WA 98011, located in the parking garage beneath the Village Apartments at Beardslee Crossing in Bothell
  • UW Tacoma - 1742 Market Street, Student Medical Clinic parking area

You will need to enter your access code on the key pad of the Key Manager in order to retrieve the keys for your vehicle. When you enter your access code, the display screen on the Key Manager will prompt you to open the door. There will be a flashing green light above the set of keys that you need. Remove the keys by pulling them out of the board and close the door. Your reservations has started.

If you are having difficulty retrieving keys or are receiving an error message, contact the Fleet Services Rental Desk at 206-221-3594. Have your Reservation ID number and the error message ready before calling.

Before Driving a UCAR Vehicle

Take a moment to walk around the vehicle and inspect it for any body damage or flat tires. If you see something to report, please contact the Fleet Services Rental Office at or 206-221-3594.

Returning a UCAR Vehicle

Your UCAR vehicle must be returned to the same parking lot that you picked it up from. Park the vehicle in a UCAR stall and go to the Key Manager to return the keys. Use the keypad to enter the same access code you used to pick up the keys. After you complete a short on-screen questionnaire, the Key Manager will prompt you to open the door. Return the keys in the same position in which you picked them up. You can use any open slot available. The Key Manager will then prompt you to close the door. Once the door is shut with the keys inside, your reservation is ended.

It is important that this process is followed for each reservation. If you reserved multiple vehicles, this process must be done for each key and its corresponding access code. Failure to do this can result in the reservation not ending and continuing until the keys are returned properly. Any additional charges incurred this way will be charged to the budget assigned to the reservation.

Cancelling a Vehicle Reservation

Fleet Services Vehicle Cancellation

  1. Login to the online system
  2. From the main menu, select View Active Rentals
  3. A table of all your reservations will be displayed, ordered by confirmation number and budget number - find the appropriate record and click update at the end of that row
  4. Verify this is the record you want to cancel (look at dates, driver, vehicle type, etc.)
  5. Click the “Cancel” button at the bottom of the screen
  6. If you are unable to find the record or have trouble with the system, contact the Rental Office
  7. via email or call at 206-221-3594

UCAR Vehicle Cancellation

  1. Login to the online system
  2. From the main menu, select U-CAR Reservations, this will take you to the UCAR website
  3. Select the “My Reservations” tab
  4. Select “Cancel” under the selected reservation
  5. Select “Confirm”
  6. You may cancel a UCAR reservation up to 15 minutes prior to the requested pick up date on line
  7. If you wish to cancel after the requested start time or are have trouble with the system, contact the Rental Office at or 206-221-3594.

Outside Agency Cancellation

Contact the Rental Office via email or call at 206-221-3594 to cancel vehicles reserved with an outside rental agency. Be sure to have the confirmation number and/or the dates and names on the reservation.

Cancellation Terms and Fees

Please submit all vehicle cancellations as soon as possible. There are currently no fees charged for cancelling a reservation prior to the requested start time. A ‘No Show” fee will be charged for both Fleet Services and UCAR rentals for all hours reserved, up to a maximum charge of one day if the reservation is not cancelled prior to the requested start time. There are currently no fees for cancelling an outside agency reservation.

Vehicle Idling

Unattended Motor Vehicle - RCW 46.61.600

No vehicle operator in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, removing the key and effectively setting the brake, and, when standing upon any perceptible grade, turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the roadway.

Emissions Reduction

In order to prevent excessive emissions and unnecessary human exposure to vehicle exhaust the following additional policy is adapted for UW-owned vehicles: No vehicle should be left unattended or idling at a loading dock, delivery stop, or at other locations where exhaust emissions may enter an occupied building such as near building air intakes, entrances, or open windows, etc. Engines should be left running only as long as it takes to unload or load passengers, otherwise vehicle engines should be shut off. Exceptions include allowing the idling of hybrid and fully electrically driven vehicles.

Vehicle Maintenance

Operators of vehicles are required to obtain oil, fuel, and all repair and maintenance services from the Fleet Services Maintenance Shop. It is also the responsibility of drivers to maintain a clean appearance of a Fleet Services Vehicles. During the operating hours referenced below, the facility is open for the following services:

  • Fuel, oil, and car wash services (car wash is closed on Mondays)
  • Repair and general maintenance
  • Emergencies

Operators will be notified via email or campus mail when a vehicle is due for service. Contact the Fleet Services shop to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance as soon as possible.

  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Phone: 206-685-1564
  • Fax: 206-543-3823
  • Email:

If you have an emergency or need roadside assistance call the Fleet Services Shop at 206-685-1564 or go to Roadside 


Renting Vehicles from Outside Agencies

If you would like to rent a vehicle, but do not meet the state requirements to operate a University of Washington vehicle, or have passengers or other drivers who are not authorized for UW vehicles, you have the option of placing a reservation with an outside rental agency.

In the past, Fleet Services served as a liaison for University of Washington employees and Enterprise by accepting reservation requests on our website and then placing rentals with Enterprise’s U-District location. Our new arrangement with Enterprise allows UW employees to place reservations directly and still receive the discounted rate. The new process also avoids the former Fleet Services fee associated with setting up and editing rentals and reconciling the charges.

To reserve vehicles through Enterprise, use contract 45WA033. If you prefer not to enroll in a complimentary Emerald Club membership, you can enter WAS as the company name. Detailed information, including current Enterprise Rates as well as Emerald Club membership benefits, can be found on the UW Travel Office webpage.

For payment arrangements, please contact the UW Travel Office.

Local Enterprise locations and hours of operation

Location Hours
University District
5715 Roosevelt Way NE
Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Sunday, closed
2116 Westlake Ave
Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
SeaTac Airport
19031 International Blvd
Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, 7:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Seattle Truck Rental
3413 4th Ave S.
Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Sunday, closed



Visit the More info link with each form for instructions, eligibility and other information.

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