Report a problem with your U-PASS

If you tap your U-PASS on an ORCA card reader and you don't get a happy beep and green light, try again, making sure to tap your card on the ORCA logo at the center of the card reader and hold it there for several seconds. Also make sure you separate your Husky Card from any other cards you may have that include RFID technology (ie: UWMC badge).

two cards separated before tapping

If you still do not get a positive response, contact Transportation Services at 206-221-3701 or as soon as you are able. Please provide the following:

  • Your name and UW employee or student ID number
  • Name of the transit agency you were taking
  • The route number
  • Destination
  • The time you boarded the bus or train
  • Bus vehicle number (This is found inside the bus above the bus windshield, as well as on the sides, front and rear of the bus.)

images showing location for bus numbers

What not to do with your Husky Card

images showing damaged cards

Your Husky Card contains an antenna. If you cut, scratch, bend or punch a hole in the card you will damage the antenna and your card will not function properly.