Retiree parking

Complimentary parking is available to fully retired UW retirees and their spouses at the UW Seattle campus (one permit per couple). This privilege is not transferable to others, including other relatives. Surviving spouses retain parking privileges, but need to obtain a Husky Card.

Retirees may obtain a daily parking permit by presenting their UW Retiree ID card to one of our parking specialists at any campus gatehouse. Retirees are required to stop at a gatehouse and obtain a permit each time they park on campus; the retiree card alone is not a parking permit.

Retirees with accessibility concerns may request disability parking near their destination when obtaining their daily permit. If you have a state-issued disability permit, please present it at the gatehouse along with your UW Retiree ID card.

For more details on retiree parking, please see our FAQ. The retiree parking policy can be read at the UWRA site.

Where to park

Transportation Services’ parking specialists will suggest a parking area when you get your daily permit. A gatehouse-issued permit allows parking based on space availability in most areas except the following:

  • Disability parking spaces or lots, unless requested at the gatehouse
  • Triangle & Surgery Pavilion Garages at the UW Medical Center
  • UW Medical Center - Roosevelt
  • Self-serve lots or spaces where payment is via meter or machine
  • Spaces marked “University Vehicles Only”
  • Reserved parking spaces or areas as posted
  • Any other restricted parking, including lots C14, C17 as well as spaces or areas restricted “All Times on All Days”

Reemployed retirees

Retirees who have returned to work at the UW must pay for parking. Retirees working part time (40% FTE or less) are eligible to buy a discounted single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) parking permit or may take advantage of other part-time parking products. Retirees working at the UW at more than 40% FTE must pay the same parking rates and follow the same policies as other UW employees. Our sales staff can assist with finding the right solution for your needs. Please call Transportation Services at 206-221-3701 for more information.

Events, football games

Retirees receive complimentary parking on football game days and during other campus events. Please head directly to the Central Plaza Garage (entrance on 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 41st Street) and present your UW Retiree ID at the gatehouse. You may be redirected to a different area based on space availability.

S1 is not available to retirees on football game days except by a special disability permit issued in advance. For disability parking at games, call 206-616-8710.