Motorcycle Permit (CYC)

Faculty, staff and students may purchase a motorcycle permit for their motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. Cycle permits allow the permit holder to park their motorcycle in any cycle zone across campus, as well as load zones (up to the posted time limit).

Employee cycle permit holders who occasionally also drive a car may additionally purchase Individual Commuter Tickets (ICTs).


Motorcycle permits cost $150.00 per quarter. Please present the original and current vehicle registration at the time of purchase. Like most parking permits, faculty and staff will be issued a gratis U-PASS with their parking permit upon request.

Student cycle permits cost slightly less than employee permits because they are calculated for shorter duration (in alignment with academic quarters.) Universal U-PASS members purchasing a student Cycle permit will receive a discount equivalent to the amount of the Universal U-PASS fee. Contact Transportation Services for more information.

Cancelling your permit

Faculty and staff may return their motorcycle permit to Transportation Services at any time for a refund of future days paid. If you elected payroll deductions as your payment type and wish to stop deductions, you must return the permit to Transportation Services and sign a stop-deduction form. If you chose to receive a complimentary U-PASS with your permit, it must also be returned in order to cancel your parking permit.

Students may return their motorcycle permit to Transportation Services at any time for a refund of future days paid.

Your refund will be processed in the manner the initial payment was received. If you paid by credit card, you must bring the same card to receive your refund. If you paid by check or in cash, please note that refund amounts in excess of $100 will take 4-6 weeks to process. Husky Card account purchases will be refunded same-day onto your Husky Card.

Proper display

Motorcycle permits should be prominently displayed on the front or front left fork of the cycle.


View our Motorcycle Parking Map to see all motorcycle parking locations across campus.

  • N3 - 3 Motorcycle stalls
  • N5 - 8 Motorcycle stalls
  • N10 - 1 Motorcycle stalls
  • N13 - 4 Motorcycle stalls
  • N14 - 4 Motorcycle stalls
  • N21 - 11 Motorcycle stalls
  • W10 - 6 Motorcycle stalls
  • W29 - 10 Motorcycle stalls
  • W32 - 6 Motorcycle stalls
  • W33 - 4 Motorcycle stalls
  • W46 - 18 Motorcycle stalls
  • C2 - 35 Motorcycle stalls
  • C10 - 7 Motorcycle stalls
  • C15 - 21 Motorcycle stalls
  • Tubby-Graves - 8 Motorcycle stalls
  • S01 middle - 2 Motorcycle stalls
  • S01 bottom - 32 Motorcycle stalls
  • S8 - 11 Motorcycle stalls
  • S12 - 2 Motorcycle stalls
  • Oceanography dock east Motorcycle stalls
  • Oceanography dock west Motorcycle stalls