Individuals delivering goods to campus in a vehicle with a company logo or presenting a bill of laden to attendant at any gatehouse may request a Commercial Delivery permit. This permit provides 30-minutes of parking for a load dock, load/unload zone or a parking lot as close as possible to your destination for no fee. Visits in excess of 30 minutes require the payment of the applicable parking fee.

Please note that Commercial Delivery Permits are intended for outside vendors doing business with the university. Staff, students and faculty may purchase a load zone permit from the gate attendant or use any valid UW parking permit in a load zone for the signed time. Load and unload zones spaces are usually limited to 15 and 30 minutes on campus. Once you have loaded or unloaded your item(s) you can then proceed to your assigned parking area.

Please note that vehicles that are illegally parked on sidewalks, grounds or in roadways are subject to citation.

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