graphic of bike locked to bike rack

Is this bike a Bait Bike?

They look just like any other bicycle locked on campus, with an important difference: they have tracking equipment hidden on board.

Bait Bikes are now active at the University of Washington, thanks to a new partnership between the UW Police Department and Transportation Services. The large and growing number of people who rely on bicycles as a transportation option to campus have spoken loud and clear: bike security is a concern at UW. Transportation Services and UWPD share the goal of helping people feel confident about bringing their bicycles to campus, in order to make bicycle commuting a better option for more people more often. Bait Bikes have been effective at other universities at reducing the rate of bicycle theft.

Get your Bait Bike sticker

Huskies can get involved with the Bait Bike program by putting an “Is this a Bait Bike?” sticker on their own bicycle. The sticker reminds potential thieves that any bike on campus could be a bait bike, and helps spread the word about the program (while showing your bike some extra love!). graphic of Bait Bike sticker You can get your Bait Bike sticker at the UWPD station on 15th Avenue.

There’s a lot more you can do to be bike security savvy:

  • Lock with a U-Lock or other heavy-duty lock, not a flexible cable lock alone. Any lock can be defeated, but more than 95% of the bikes stolen on campus are those that were locked with a cable lock alone.
  • Register your bike with UWPD on Bike Index - it only takes a few minutes!
  • Remove lights and accessories that have a quick-release feature each time you park.
  • Report suspicious activity to UWPD at 206-685-UWPD.