Visit the Fleet Services website for vehicle information and to calculate rental costs.
Rates are valid from July 1 2016 to June 30 2017.
VehiclePer day,
yearly rental
Per day,
daily rental
Per hour,
daily rental
Per mile
14' Box Truck/Flat Bed15.3049.479.890.37
20'-26' Box Truck15.3049.479.890.37
7-Passenger Minivan12.0526.575.310.14
7-Passenger SUVsss10.7023.554.710.12
8-Passenger SUV12.4631.376.270.21
Camry Hybrid Sedan11.1819.923.980.12
Cargo Van 2/5 Passenger10.6928.925.780.18
Compact Pickup10.0027.125.420.18
Full Size Pickup10.0327.125.420.18
Prius Hybrid Sedan11.1819.923.980.12