Safety hazard review


Safety Hazard Review SAFETY 93-2 (Rev. 12/07)


To ensure the safety of UW Facilities (UWF) personnel and to comply with applicable regulations.


All University employees are required to comply with occupational safety and health regulations that apply to their actions and conduct on the job. Supervisors and Managers have the additional responsibility of assuring that safe working conditions exist and requiring that employees under their supervision are aware of and adhere to safe work practices.

Before scheduling a job or assigning work, Supervisors, Project Managers, Leads, and anyone who assigns or supervises work should determine if an existing Safety Hazard Review Checklist and Work Plan for standardized tasks identifies all the hazards for the work.


Safety Hazard Resources

If such a document does exist, then its Hazard Review Checklist (HRC) number must be referenced on the work request (more than one HRC may apply). If no standardized HRC and Work Plan applies, or addresses all the potential hazards, the person assigning work must complete a Safety Hazard Review Checklist and Work Plan specific to the job.

Preventive and corrective actions—including the required personal protective equipment and employee training—must be initiated before the work begins. If it is not clear how to proceed safely, consult with Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).

Responsibility : Action

Role Responsibility
  • Assure the Safety Hazard Review Work Practice is understood and implemented by employees. Facilitate correction of identified hazards as necessary.
Supervisor/Project Manager/Lead
  • Complete Safety Hazard Review Checklist and Work Plan (UoW 1005)
  • Initiate preventive or corrective action.
  • Ensure that employees receive required training before assigning the work.
  • Monitor employees’ work practices.
  • Monitor employees’ use of personal protective equipment.
  • Be familiar with the Safety Hazard Review Work Practice and applicable HRC/Work Plan, follow the preventive or corrective actions identified in the applicable HRC and Work Plan.