Pest management

The University of Washington is an urban campus that hosts a variety of wildlife and pests. The work of UW Facilities employees may lead to encounters with both. Below are safe practices for UWF employees.

  • Bats
  • Insects
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife


Bat Encounters


To protect UW Facilities employees from injury or illness


All UW Facilities employees must comply with the Bat Encounter Practice. UW Facilities’ employees do not catch or handle bats. Any bats found in buildings should be secured, by means such as closing doors to the space, if possible. Contact Customer Care to report the incident and to have the pest contractor mobilized. If a UW Facilities employee does come into direct contact with a bat, such as it flying into their hair or brushing against their skin, they should report this to their supervisor and then seek immediate medical attention. It is important that the bat be secured for capture if possible, as this may avoid the need for rabies treatment.


Responsibility : Action

Role Responsibility
  • Follow the Bat Encounter Practice. Report any direct contact with a bat to your supervisor and seek medical follow up.
  • Assure employees understand the Bat Encounter Practice and follow it.
Safety Administrator
  • Monitor compliance with the Bat Encounter Practice.