First aid training and certification


First Aid Training SAFETY 88-3 (Rev. 5/95, 3/16, 06/19)


To provide information on first aid training for UW Facilities employees.


First aid/CPR training and certification is required for some UW Facilities employees. The requirement is based on compliance with the provisions of WAC 296-800-150, “First Aid Requirements,” and WAC 296-155-120, “Safety Standards for Construction Work,” to ensure that all UW Facilities employees can be afforded quick and effective first aid attention in the event that an injury or medical event occurs on the job.

While first aid/CPR certification is required for some employees, UW Facilities encourages all interested personnel who desire training to be trained in first aid/CPR procedures. For information regarding who is required to take first aid/CPR training, refer to the required training list that is provided in the new employee packet or this list: First Aid/CPR Required Training (pdf).

UW Facilities contracts with a vendor to provide the course each month for a nominal charge. The current course is seven hours, presented in one day. Once completed, the students are certified for two years. Renewal of first aid certification is accomplished by taking the full course again. For a list of first Aid/CPR class times and registration, contact the Facilities Training Center at 206-685-9452.

Environmental Health and Safety also provides first aid/CPR training at least quarterly at an additional cost. As with all training offered, first aid/CPR training may be taken on UW Release Time Policy (pdf). Employees must arrange for release time during their regular working hours with their supervisors. Overtime will not be paid.

More information on UW Facilities’ release time policies for training are found in the UW Facilities Employee Handbook under ‘Training’.

New employees may be able to receive credit for first aid/CPR training taken with a previous employer. They must produce a valid card from an American Heart Association certified agency, or equivalent. A copy of the card should be placed in the employee’s file until they are re-certified.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits must be easily accessible to employees, and must not be locked. The location of the first aid kit should be discussed during new employee orientation. Containers for first aid supplies must be clearly marked. There are vendors available to provide regular maintenance and stocking of first aid kits. If a vendor is not used, be sure to document first aid kit inspections, and complete them in a consistent manner (monthly, quarterly).

First Aid Kit Contents (pdf)


Responsibility Action

Role Responsibility
  • Inform your supervisor that you desire or require training.
  • Arrange release time with supervisor.
  • Know where the First Aid kit is located in your shop.
  • Report missing items to be stocked in First Aid kit.
  • Distribute/discuss information on First Aid/CPR training.
  • Work with Facilities Training Center to register employees for training.
  • Review and schedule release time for employee whose jobs do not require this training.
  • Assure employees attend scheduled training.
  • Ensure all employees know where the First Aid kit is located.
  • Ensure First Aid kit is available and adequately stocked.
  • Assure First Aid/CPR coverage is available in your shops.
  • Ensure First Aid kit is available and maintained appropriately.