Safety Training


TMS is the designated program for tracking all training for Facilities Services. Each FS Department has a TMS Coordinator who schedules, and tracks all training for his/her department. There is also an FS TMS Administrator who oversees TMS with access granting, general program updates and other administrative duties. Coordinating training and maintaining control of TMS for FS is an FES responsibility.

FS Quarterly Safety Training

Safety training comprises a large portion of the overall training taken by FS employees. In an attempt to streamline and simplify how this safety training is coordinated across FS, a process has been developed. FMC uses a consolidated training scheduling system, so many of the safety related training needs are combined into a one or two day training session that is coordinated completely by FMC. This quarterly safety training program is designed for the rest of FS but may also include FMC employees when needed.

Below is the latest version of the 2017 Safety Training Schedules

TMS Status Report

A report has been created in AiM which provides real time access to training data in TMS. Below is a link to directions on how to access this report and how to modify the different browsers in order to produce the report.