Emergency Management Overview

Facilities Employee Services (FES) Safety team works closely with other entities on campus including EH&S and FS Emergency Management to prepare the campus for potential large scale natural disasters. FS employees will be considered “First Responders” if a major event were to happen in the region that would also affect the UW Seattle campus. Included on this page are links to other campus organizations and documents that work to support this mission.

Facilities Services (FS) Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plans (EEOP)

Facilities Services has over 30 locations across the Seattle UW campus where shops, offices, and other work spaces are located. The FS Emergency Planning Team works directly with FS Units, UW Emergency Management, and the UW Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department to help FS Departments prepared for a both major and minor disasters or events.

To support the work of the UW Emergency Operation Center (EOC), all FS EEOPs need to be in place and up to date as required by the Seattle Fire Code, the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 296‐24‐567), and the UW Emergency Response Management Plan.

The following is a presentation explaining how the EEOP works together with the EOC and other emergency plans in place at the Seattle UW campus:

Emergency Planning and Coordination at the UW

Copies of current EEOP’s for Facilities Services locations can be found with the link to the left.

FES Husky Ready Continuity Plan

Continuity planning addresses the question: how can we prepare to continue operations despite those adverse events that we call disasters - or if we can’t continue, how can we resume our operations rapidly and gracefully?