Life-Cycle of a Workstation

The following information is intended for those in Facilities Services who help order and manage Nebula computers for their staff.

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Stage Key contact Description
Procure Computer FS Staff

Order through eProcurement. CDW-G is the recommended vendor. From the CDW-G site, choose UW Desktop or Laptops (also called Notebooks on the CDW site) packages depending on your needs. When ordering a new Nebula computer, also order the Nebula package at the same time as the hardware.

Getting New Hardware

Setting up New Computer for Nebula FS Staff

Before disconnecting the old computer, save all desktop shortcuts and documents in a folder on the users H drive. When new computer is setup, these items can then easily be available. If the old computer has software not normally available on standard Nebula computers, this will need to be reinstalled.

Setting up New Computer Instructions

Notify FS FABS IT FS Technology Services Staff

After setting up the new computer, please notify us so we can track all the Nebula’s currently in use in Facilities Services. Email with the following information:

  • Computer Serial Number
  • Make and Model
  • Nebula Computer Name
  • Primary User of Computer and Location
  • FS Department
  • Purchase Date and Warranty Date (Standard Warranty is 3 years)