The FACMAN Project Input Form is utilized as a tool to help manage the renewal and improvement requirements for buildings, utilities, facilities, and all the infrastructure of the University of Washington Seattle campus.

Due to multiple levels of information which are touched by various groups on the campus, the project input form is prepared to simplify the input format into the FACMAN database.

Facilities Services Engineering Staff and Managers, Zone Maintenance Managers and Maintenance Coordinators are the primary users of the FACMAN form.

Save the Excel Spreadsheet to your desktop

Instructions for completing the Request Form are included with the spreadsheet. For questions about the Form, please contact John Wetzel or 206-616-5924.

Submitting the FACMAN Input Project Request.

  • After all information is entered and the form is completed send a copy of this form by email as an attachment to John Wetzel

  • A FACMAN Number will be generated when the Input Form is formally input in to the FACMAN system. This is a preliminary number. If the project request is APPROVED, a Project Tracker Number will be assigned.

Printing the FACMAN Input Request

Copies can be printed at any time using the right mouse button and printed via a local printer.

Editing a FACMAN Input Request

FACMAN Input Requests can only be edited or deleted while they are with the requestor. Once they’ve been forwarded and ACCEPTED by Facilities Services you can only change or cancel a input request by contacting John Wetzel or 206-616-5924.

Viewing information about the FACMAN Project Request

After the FACMAN project request has been accepted by Facilities Services, information from the FACMAN input form will be directly input into the FACMAN database and can be viewed.

  • FACMAN Number. The number assigned after request is ACCEPTED by Facilities Services.
  • FACMAN Contact. Who to contact within Facilities Services about the FACMAN database and request.