Services Supported


Lead the operation, expansion and support of the University’s Facilities & Asset Management System. This includes continual improvement in AiM, FS‑WORKS, TMS, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and the interfaces with University central systems. Provide hotline telephone and email support for both our staff and customers 5 days a week from 7:00 to 17:00. Train, document, support, advocate and achieve ever greater system integration and increased return on the University’s technology investment.

Technology Administration

Provide expert and secure system administration for servers operated by Maintenance & Alterations and Commuter Services. Besides back office server hosting, deliver frontline equipment maintenance on a wide variety of complex peripherals. Continually save money by not contracting out and assertively managing the vendor relationship. Support the Parking Accounting group with improved reporting using both MS Access and Crystal Reports. On a time available basis, help other FS units.

Other Technologies

Support the FS web presence and work with Organization Relations to enforce SVP standards. Promote the utilization of existing, standard systems and discourage the development of incompatible, isolated systems. Do this in all the specific systems listed above and the countless other systems (as discovered) within FS’s large and complicated domain. Try to get fair pricing and more responsive service from our partners and service providers.

Partnership and Outreach

Coordinate UW IT staff dedicated to FS’s technology needs. Besides Nebula Support, this includes the FMS Team that develops new systems for us. Promote customer-driven development (such as FS‑WORKS) resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction with FS. Provide consulting on UW Project Tracker, be involved in the campus CAD standard, help develop the FS Emergency Unit Response Plan, set Purchasing Systems priorities in ePREP Shared Systems Group, contribute to USER Projects Managers Group, coordinate interdepartmental involvement in the Facilities & Asset Management System (FAMS) scoping study, work with other top research universities on the development of the new AssetWorks FAMS, enjoy collaborative relationships with many people and help out whenever possible.

Management Consulting Services

Based on input from our employees, customers and FS management, continually improve processes. This is necessary for successful system implementation, but extends far beyond technical issues. Achieve consensus, author procedures, promote, train and support new behaviors. Author the FS Enterprise newsletter and Technology Toolbox. Both elicit constructive feedback, foster employee participation and promote more effective, functional behavior.

Web Development

Establish and maintain the FS web standards and presence. Assist other FS units’ implementations of the FS web standards. Provide web development expertise in the creation of web pages and applications that maintain a consistent look and feel.