Reporting Team

The reporting team is responsible for the development, validation, and deployment of reports against AiM and FME data.

All report development, modification, and scheduling requests must be in writing, and can be submitted via the reporting committee’s online request form or emailed to

Reporting FAQ

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How do I request a report?

Before making a reporting request, we ask that you take the following preliminary steps:

  • Determine if an existing report contains the data that you’re looking for by looking at the list of known reports. The list of known reports can be found at the following URL:


  • If a known report doesn’t cover the information that you’re looking for, determine if you can get the information from AiM itself. We ask you to please read the AiM Search Skills document; it’ll help you determine the information you can extract directly from AiM itself. The AiM Search Skills document can be found at the following URL:


If neither a known report nor AiM can provide the information you seek, then a report will need to be written. Before making the reporting request, we ask that you contact the appropriate person for your area (see the list below).

The reporting request can then be submitted using the standardized request form available at the following URL:


What happens after I put in my request?

  • Your request is placed into the FABS IT ticketing system
  • The report writing team may contact you with follow-up questions if needed.
  • The report writing team will prioritize your work based on the prioritization criteria, date needed, time required, resources available, etc.

When can I expect my report to be completed?

We make every effort to get the report to you by the due date entered on the form. However, the final due date is worked out between the requester and the report writing team given the initial due date, prioritization criteria, time required, existing work load, etc.

The prioritization criteria is as follows…

Why does my request have to go through a Process Owner?

  • The Process Owner is familiar with the data you are seeking and can help you refine your request.
  • You will be working directly with the report writing team once your request has been submitted.

What if the report doesn’t meet my needs?

The report writing team encourages feedback and an open dialogue.

Why can’t I access all of the reports?

Permissions to Reporting Services are based on Nebula Permissions.

To see the main FS folder you need access to the NEBULA2\fac group; if you can see I:\groups\fac\common then you’re already in the group (everyone in FS should have access to this folder).

In general, if you have access to a department’s folder on the I-Drive then you’ll have access to that department’s reports.

  • FS — via the NEBULA2\fac group
    • Campus Engineering — via the NEBULA2\engr group
    • Campus Operations — via the NEBULA2\ops group
    • Custodial Services — via the NEBULA2\cust group
    • Finance & Business Services — via the NEBULA2\finadm group
    • Maintenance & Alterations — via the NEBULA2\mad group
    • Organization Resources & Relations — via the NEBULA2\fs-hrs group
    • Stores — via the NEBULA2\fs-stores group
    • Transportation Services — via the NEBULA2\transvc group