Daktronics Marquee Board from Husky Stadium

Daktronics Marquee Board from Husky Stadium
Price: $10,000.00
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38517-1. Available now is the former west end Husky Stadium marquee board, which is being replaced by a different-sized board to fit the new stadium redevelopment. This equipment is located offsite. For questions and/ or to arrange for a viewing appointment, please contact Larry White, ICA Operations Manager, at 206-595-0630/ whitelv@uw.edu. Please note: this photo is not of the actual Daktronics marquee board for sale but is very similar (dimensions are different).


Daktronics Electronic Marquee Board: was used at Husky Stadium. Approximately 5 – 6 years old. Measures 8ft 11in x 31ft 2-3/8in. Estimated weight: 2600lbs. Programmable from offsite. No warranty is stated nor implied. To purchase this equipment, please contact Eric Wahl at the UW Surplus Office at 206-685-1573/ surplus@uw.edu. $10,000.00

Specifications and marquee riser schematics available in PDF form by request: surplus@uw.edu

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