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Fleet Services: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does UCAR cost?

Please refer to the rates page. There are no membership fees or annual dues.

How do I pay for a UCAR?

UCARs are charged to departmental budget numbers. When you set up a UCAR account you can add as many budget numbers to your account as you like.

More information: Billing and Budget Numbers

What if I need to add a budget number to my UCAR Account?

Log into the Fleet Services online system and select add new budget from Update Profile screen. Contact Fleet Services at 206-221-3594.

Can I rent a UCAR for personal use?

No. A UCAR can only be used for official University business and charged to a University budget number.

Who is authorized to drive and/or rent a UCAR?

UW Faculty, staff (regular, temporary and volunteer) and currently enrolled students with a valid UW Net ID, driver’s license, with the proper driver safety training and 2 years of driving experience

More information: Authorized Drivers and Passengers

Who is authorized to ride as a passenger in a UCAR?

UW Faculty, staff (regular, temporary and volunteer) and currently enrolled students with a valid UW Net ID - anyone who is qualified to drive a UCAR or other UW-owned vehicle. Any person covered by UW insurance programs; and those acting on official UW business such as contractors, prospective students or employees, or those participating in official UW activities

What if I need to transport a passenger that is not on the authorized list?

The Fleet Services rental office can provide you with alternative transportation options through one of our outside rental agencies, or help you find a solution

Where are UCARs located?

  • Central Plaza Garage level C1, accessible from Kane Hall and Gerberding Hall entrances from Red Square or the parking gatehouse entrance on 15th Ave NE.
  • South Campus Center mid-level between M17 and M18, located behind the UW Medical Center on the 2nd floor near the north main stairwell.
  • E2 parking lot on 25th Ave NE, south of University Village
  • UW Tower Garage level 4E in W46 next to the elevator
  • N22 parking lot located across the street from the Hall Health building
  • Portage Bay Garage 3745 15th Ave NE, across from the William H. Foege Bioengineering building
  • N5 parking lot located just off Memorial Way next to the Theodor Jacobsen Observatory.
  • UW Bothell level 4 of the South Parking Garage
  • UW Bothell Beardslee 19128 112th Ave, Bothell, WA 98011. Located in the parking garage beneath the Village Apartments at Beardslee Crossing in Bothell.
  • UW Tacoma 1742 Market Street, Student Medical Clinic parking area

How does the UCAR reservation system work?

In three simple steps:

  • Reserve: Log on to the Fleet Services Reservation site and select the UCAR option. This option will be available once your UCAR account has been set up.
  • Pick up: When you arrive at your site location, enter your key manager access code at the key manager kiosk, open the door and take the key indicated by the green light.
  • Return: Park the vehicle in the same parking location where you picked it up. Return the key to the key manager kiosk by using your original key manager access code.

UCAR billing system will automatically track your trip information and bill your budget via an ISD. A copy of the ISD billing detail will be sent via email to your department budget billing contact.

What types of vehicles can I choose from?

The UCAR fleet is composed of a large selection of vehicles types:

  • Central Plaza Garage: hybrid sedans and minivans
  • E2 parking lot: small and large SUVs, pick up trucks and cargo vans
  • N22 parking lot: hybrid sedans and minivans
  • Portage Bay Garage: hybrid sedans and minivans
  • South Campus Center: hybrid sedans and minivans
  • UW Tower Garage: hybrid sedans and minivans
  • N1 parking lot: hybrid sedans and minivans
  • UW Bothell: hybrid sedans and minivans
  • UW Bothell Beardslee: hybrid sedans and minivans
  • UW Tacoma: hybrid sedans, minivans and large SUVs

How does insurance work?

Coverage protects authorized drivers from claims of third parties for bodily injury or property damage, provided the vehicle was operated for and on behalf of the University.
Personal Injury
University employees, student employees, and authorized volunteers traveling on official University business are insured for any injuries under the Worker’s Compensation Program. Students and passengers who are not University employees are not insured by the Worker’s Compensation Program and are responsible for providing their own medical insurance.

More information: Insurance Coverage

How can UCAR benefit you and your department?

Using the UCAR for UW business means you don’t need to bring your car to campus. Save on parking, maintenance and fuel costs. Reduce your valuable time by not having to complete travel reimbursement paperwork as well as making an extra trip to the bank to deposit your reimbursement. UCAR provides roadside assistance if the vehicle should break down. Reduce administrative effort to process reimbursements and track reimbursements. Billing is automatically charged to the budget via ISD and a copy of the trip detail is sent to the billing contact via email.

Do I need to refuel my UCAR?

Yes, UCAR vehicles must be returned with no less a 1/2 tank of gas. If you are within 5 miles of campus, refuel at Fleet Services (4659 25th Ave NE, next to University Village).

Every UCAR also comes with a WEX fuel card, for those times you’re further away. This credit card can be used at any major gas station. When prompted, enter your Driver ID number, which is the first five digits of the vehicle license plate number plus “0”. For example, if your license plate is 12345E, your Driver ID number is 123450. You will also be asked to enter the current vehicle mileage (not trip meter reading). Save all receipts for submission to Fleet Services.

More information: Fueling Vehicles and WEX Fuel Card Use

How long can I keep my UCAR?

UCAR reservations can be made by the hour, day, week or month. Fleet Services provides other transportation options for permanent rentals (365 days or longer). If you need to rent a vehicle for more then 30 days please submit a Long-term Vehicle Request Form.

How can I cancel my reservation?

Log into your UCAR account and select My Reservations. Here you’ll find a list of all upcoming reservations. If there are multiple budgets, select from the drop-down menu on the left of the screen. Once you select your budget you’ll have the option to cancel the reservation. This menu option won’t be available once the reservation has started. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your cancellation.

If you don’t see the option to cancel your UCAR reservation, please contact UW Fleet as soon as possible as we can shorten the duration for which you’ll be charged. Unfortunately, we’re unable to cancel the reservation at this point. Outside Fleet office hours you can email your request to shorten the reservation. We will calculate any charges based on the time you sent your email.

Where can I park?

UCARs can be parked free of charge in any general UW parking location. UW reserved parking rules, City of Seattle metered parking guidelines, and other parking notices must be followed. The UCAR confirmation email, which has the UCAR reservation information, includes a University of Washington parking permit for UCAR members to park a personal vehicle in a UCAR stall for the duration of their UCAR rental. The permit will be located in the lower portion of your email and should print on a separate page for you convenience. Permits may only be used in the lot from which the member is picking up their UCAR. If a personal vehicle with a UCAR permit is parked in a UCAR stall after the reservation time has ended, the personal vehicle may be ticketed or towed.

More information: Parking

Can I use my UCAR outside Washington State?

Yes. Please be aware that the driver is financially responsible for tolls and parking fees when travelling outside Washington State. If traveling outside the country, please make sure to observe and follow the laws of that country.

How do I sign up for a UCAR account?

Sign up for a UCAR account. (NetID required) If you already have an account, you’ll be taken to it.

Can I reprint Fleet Services receipts?

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t currently available online (but we are working on it). Please email your request to so we can send you the report.