For budget reports and projections please contact the Fleet Services fiscal specialist at 206-221-3930.

UCAR rentals are charged to a budget. You must have at least one active budget associated with your UCAR account to reserve a UCAR.


If an operator needs to purchase services or repairs from a source other than the Fleet Services, the operator should:

  • Obtain permission from the Fleet Services Shop for any repairs
  • Use the credit card issued with the vehicle
  • If personal funds are used, verify that the services rendered are covered by the rental fee agreement and record the vehicle license number and vehicle number on ALL receipts

The following expenses are not reimbursable per RCW Miscellaneous Travel Expenses:

  • Out of pocket charges for vehicle service calls caused by the negligence of the traveler
  • Delivery of fuel
  • Retrieval of keys from a locked vehicle
  • Jump-starting vehicles when lights have been left on, etc.

Under approved circumstances, reimbursement may be obtained through the following procedures:


  • Bring the original receipts to the Fleet Services Office for verification of charges and rental dates.
  • Original receipts must be legible, have the vendor’s name, date and description of the products and services purchased, and the monetary amount paid.
  • Credit card receipts that are not complete may be returned.
  • Include the vehicle number or confirmation number on all receipts.


Fleet Services Operations can arrange for licensing of UW vehicles, vessels, trailers, and other equipment with exempt plates from the Department of Licensing (DOL). To qualify for the exemption, the vehicle/vessel/equipment, etc. must be owned by and operated on behalf of the University of Washington.

In addition to DOL licensing fees, a $50.00 Fleet Services administrative fee will be charged to coordinate, acquire and maintain the vehicle registration. A valid budget number is necessary to complete the licensing transaction. The DOL requires different paperwork be presented depending on what is being licensed.Please see the chart below for documentation requirements and feel free to contact Fleet Services with questions.

To request licensing, deliver the required paperwork to the Rental Office, include the following information:

  • Contact name and phone number. (This person will be contacted when the license plates arrive.)
  • Budget number to recharge licensing and administrative fees

Fleet Services can store the original registration and title document for an annual administrative fee of $25.00. Please indicate when requesting licensing whether or not you would like to subscribe to this service.


Fleet Services disposes of vehicles through UW Surplus Auctions, managed by Moving and Surplus and Washington State Surplus Vehicle Auctions, managed by the WA State Department of General Administration, Surplus Programs. Auctions are open to the public.