Tips for Passengers

  • If you have a problem on a UW shuttle, i.e. harassment, inappropriate or disruptive behavior, tell the driver immediately. Give a description of the disruptive individual, explain what is happening and how it makes you feel.
  • Please remember that safety and security problems are treated with higher priority. See ‘Role of the Driver’ below for more information on the decision-making process that drivers follow when responding to problems.
  • If situations prevent you from alerting the driver and you feel intimated or threatened or observe a crime being committed or a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 to report the problem when it’s safe to do so.
  • BE PREPARED to give bus information i.e. Health Sciences Express, South Lake Union shuttle etc. the direction the bus is traveling, as well as the next stop location. The coach number also helps identify the bus. Inside the bus, the coach number is located directly above the driver. On the outside of the bus, the number is located on the outer corner and is a three digit number.

Role of the Driver

  • The bus driver’s primary job is to operate the bus safely. If problems arise on the bus, the bus driver’s first priority is to determine if a passenger’s safety or security is at stake. The driver will assess the severity of the problem and resources available, and respond accordingly. The driver can radio a verbal code which will dispatch UW security or the Seattle police.
  • The bus driver, at his/her discretion, may choose to talk to the passenger, request the passenger exit the bus, call for assistance, or take no immediate action. In the case of minor infractions of the code of conduct (posted inside of buses) the UW Shuttles general guideline for the driver would be to continue on the route rather than inconvenience other riders by delaying service.
  • Keep in mind, the role of the bus driver is that of a peacekeeper, not an enforcer. Enforcement of the code of conduct is handled through a network of professionals that can be called upon by the driver, if and when needed.