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Where to be on the new BGT


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Biking on the new BGT
New features bring safety benefits for trail users
The new Burke-Gilman Trail section between 15th Avenue NE and the Rainier Vista opened up in August, unveiling a wider trail surface than ever before. But it’s weird, right? It used to be all asphalt, and now almost half of it is concrete. What does it all mean? We’ve heard your questions and we’re happy to provide the answers you need to navigate the trail safely.
The new trail has dedicated and separate space to walk and bike! Think of it like a street with a sidewalk.
  • Bike on the asphalt portion of the trail surface, and keep to the right side of the asphalt (just like driving a car on the road in this part of the world).
  • Walk on the concrete portion of the trail surface, and make sure to look both for bikes if you need to cross over the asphalt section.

Some big campus paths cross the Burke-Gilman Trail. At these “mixing zones,” bikes and pedestrians should be aware of each other and prepared to yield.
  • When biking, slow down as you enter the concrete mixing zone at trail crossings. Be prepared to slow way down or yield to pedestrians crossing.
  • When walking, look both ways for bikes and be prepared to stop.

New trail markings are coming to the trail soon to make this separation clear to everyone. Thanks for walking and biking on this fabulous new trail section!