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No matter how you move through campus

Classes at the University of Washington are back in session and the number of people moving in and around our campuses has increased dramatically. Extra patience on everyone’s part is critical to safety with so many people now on and near the roads. UW has adopted many practices to make the campus safer for those who travel it on foot, by bicycle and behind the wheel of a car.

Probably the most notable measure is a 20 mile per hour speed limit on the Seattle campus. People driving or riding bicycles are kindly reminded that this is the maximum speed when conditions are ideal and there aren’t numerous pedestrians and other distractions or hazards on the road. Please travel slowly and remain alert regardless of how clear the roads might seem.

Another safety control is the use of dozens of marked crosswalks on and near campus. There are about 40 marked crosswalks on Stevens Way alone. As a reminder, people driving or riding a bicycle are required to stop for anyone crossing in a marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection. Pedestrians, you must use marked crosswalks if not crossing the road at an intersection, and yield the road to vehicles at all other points. Bolting across a road is both unsafe and illegal – don’t risk it.

To continue to be accessible and user-friendly, the University must be safely shared by people using all modes of transportation. For more information, please visit Washington DOT’s Pedestrian Laws, Pedestrian Safety, and Bicycle Laws pages.