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Validations and Departmental Commuter Tickets
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Validations and Departmental Commuter Tickets

Validations are the better method to use when:

  • The visitor will be staying less than four hours.
  • Departmental Commuter Tickets (DCTs) cannot be distributed in advance.
  • Note: Validations are not redeemable for Pay-By-Space or Pay-n-Display permits.

DCTs are the better method to use when:

  • The department does not want the visitor to pay initially for parking.
  • The visitor will be parking in an area outside gatehouse control.
  • The visitor will be staying for more than four hours during the day or over 60 minutes after 4 p.m. weekdays or on Saturdays. (In such cases, either payment method costs the same.)
  • The visitor will be leaving when gatehouses are closed, i.e., 9 p.m. - 6 a.m. weekdays and noon Saturdays until 6 a.m. Mondays

Departmental Commuter Tickets (DCTs)

University departments may order DCTs for visitors or guests who are not regular UW employees working on main campus. Also available are nighttime DCTs for visitors who arrive on campus after 4 p. m. weekdays or on Saturday mornings.

Day and Night DCTs are sold in increments of five tickets at $15.00 each for daytime and $5.00 each for night. Universal Departmental Commuter Tickets (see below) are more expensive than regular DCTs ($20.00 apiece for universal DCTs), but allow special guests to park anywhere except certain restricted areas. All prices include sales tax. However, sales tax is not charged when a departmental purchase is charged to an university budget number.

DCTs and Universal DCTs are not valid for parking at athletic events. DCTs are not available for issue in the Triangle Garage.

To order DCTs, fill out the online order form.

Because of their value, DCTs must be picked up from Transportation Services and cannot be sent through campus mail. Please allow five business days for processing. Processing times may be longer during the beginning of each quarter.

A 10% restocking fee will be charged for all returned DCTs. A 10% rush order fee will be charged to all DCT orders where pickup is required in less than five business days.

Universal Departmental Commuter Tickets

Universal DCTs are a more costly type of parking permit because they provide more flexibility than regular DCTs. With Universal DCTs, departments can provide parking to very important departmental visitors for almost any location on campus for the posted time. Restrictions include the following:

  • Wheelchair/disability spaces
  • Specially designated spaces such as University Vehicle, Physical Plant, Service Vehicle, and Truck-Only spaces
  • Parking meters

As always, parking in any university lot is provided on a space-available basis.

Universal Departmental Commuter Tickets are sold via an online order form. Departments send each visitor a Universal DCT and a copy of the User Information Sheet before their visit.

Universal Departmental Commuter tickets are not valid for parking at athletic events. A 10% restocking fee will be charged for all returned Universal Departmental Commuter Tickets. A 10% rush order fee will be charged to all Universal Departmental Commuter Ticket orders where pickup is required in less than five business days.


Note: Validations are not redeemable for Pay-By-Space or Pay-n-Display permits. Validations are accepted in all UW Seattle campus lots/garages, except for the Surgery Pavilion Garage. Patient related validations may be used in the Triangle Garage by UW Medical Center patients and visitors of patients. Parking validation in the Triangle Garage is handled by UW Medical Center. Questions about the UWMC Parking Validation Program, Triangle Garage operational procedures, or the parking refund process for the Triangle Garage should be directed to the UWMC parking manager 206-598-2801.

On the front of each Validation (rectangular) is a barcode, the name of the departmental budget being charged, and the expiration date of the coupon. The Validation program works as follows:

  • The visitor purchases a parking permit at a campus gatehouse and leaves it face up on the vehicle’s dashboard. The visitor will pay on entry by cash or Mastercard/Visa.
  • Before leaving the department, the visitor is given a Validation.
  • Before leaving campus, the visitor presents the permit and the validation to a gatehouse Parking Specialist upon exit and receives a refund. Note: parking validation must be processed the same day that the permit is purchased and when gatehouses are open, i.e., 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. weekdays and 7 a.m. - noon on Saturdays.
  • The department is charged the fee associated with the actual time the visitor was parked on campus.

Departments request Validations in the same manner in which they order Departmental Commuter Tickets, using our online order form. Upon ordering the Validations, the budget is only charged for the printing costs of the validations. The printing cost is non-refundable. The appropriate budget number is not charged for parking until a parking permit with Validation is presented for refund at a campus gatehouse. The charge to the departmental budget is only the actual amount of the parking fee (see fee table above). In many situations, the Validation method is a more cost-effective method for university departments to pay for visitor parking.

Validations must be signed for when picked up from Transportation Services. When the Validation order is complete, the department receives via email additional information on the Validation Program. In addition, once the order is retrieved from Transportation Services, accounting-related information is mailed to the departmental budget coordinator. Validations should only be distributed on the day they will be used. Validations should NOT be distributed ahead of time for use at a later date, as the coupons do expire.

A 10% rush order fee will be charged to all Validation orders where pickup is required in less than five business days.

Short-Term Special Permits

Visitors who are spending several consecutive days on campus may find Short-Term Special Permits a very convenient parking method. This type of permit, available at day and evening parking rates, is frequently issued to conference and workshop participants.

To order Short-Term Special Permits, please use our online form.

A 10% restocking fee will be charged for all returned budget charged Short-Term permits. A 10% rush order fee will be charged to all Short-Term Special Permit orders where pickup is required in less than 5 business days.

Departmental Out-of-Area Permits

The Departmental Out-of-Area permit, when combined with a valid University of Washington daytime permit, enables department employees to conduct University business more efficiently by allowing them to park in centrally located campus lots for up to three hours.

To order the Departmental Out-of-Area Permit, please use our online form.

The Departmental Out-of-Area permit:

  • Must be displayed in conjunction with a valid University of Washington daytime parking permit. It is not, by itself, a valid parking permit.
  • Must be displayed with the printed side facing up.
  • Allows out of area parking for up to three hours.
  • Allows out-of-area parking in the following lots only:
    • Central Campus (C3, C4, C5)
    • North Campus (N1, N20, N21, N25)
    • East Campus (E02, E08, E10)
    • South Campus (S1)
    • West Campus (W10, W12, W28, W35, W39, W45, W46)
  • Is NOT valid for parking in lots not included on the above list, metered stalls, service vehicle stalls, reserved areas or stalls, load/unload zones for longer than the posted time limit, and areas not designated for parking.
  • The fee is not pro-rated – the cost remains the same throughout the year, regardless of the day on which it is ordered.
  • The fee is not refundable – please confirm your department’s need for this permit before ordering.
  • Lost or stolen permits must be replaced at the full cost of the permit. Please report lost or stolen permits to us immediately.

Rates and Fees

Product Price
Departmental Commuter Tickets* $15.00/each
Night Departmental Commuter Tickets* $5.00/each
Universal Departmental Commuter Ticket* $20.00 each
Departmental Out of Area Permit $240.00 per permit.
Validation Coupon $0.20/each for printing
Daytime short-term permit* $7.50/day
Nighttime short-term permit $2.50/night

*A 10% restocking fee will be charged for these returned items

**Budget will be charged for parking when validation coupon redeemed. Budget will only be charged the printing fee for any unused validation coupons. Validation coupons may not be returned for refund.