Plug-in electric vehicle, one of many in the UW Fleet

One of many plug-in electric vehicles in the award winning University of Washington fleet.

Just in time for the University of Washington’s annual SustainableUW Festival, UW Fleet Services has another reason to celebrate. For the fourth consecutive year, the department’s efforts have earned it a place on the Green Fleet Awards list.

Last year the University of Washington ranked number 31 overall and third among universities in North America, its highest ranking to date. This year it climbed to number 17 overall, and first among universities on the list!

“UW Fleet Services continues to implement and look at opportunities to have a sustainable fleet through the use of electric, plug-in electric, and alternative fuel vehicles to meet the educational, research, cultural and service missions of the University,“ said manager George Donegan.

Earlier this year, UW Fleet Services ranked number 30 overall by the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas.

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