Commute Ambassadors

Commute Ambassadors are driven by a desire to share their love and knowledge of commuting. They are volunteers that come from a wide range of UW departments, and are instrumental in helping others find great commutes. Commute Ambassadors combine their personal expertise with Transportation Services’ assistance and leadership support to improve the commutes and lives of their friends and colleagues.

In addition to helping support others in finding great commutes, Commute Ambassadors help TS better understand the specific needs, interests, and constraints in their community. The more TS knows about what UW commuters need, the better we can respond to meet those needs.

Commute Ambassador Responsibilities

Be a friend

Have you ever wanted to try something new, but wanted to try it with a friend first? Imagine being a new bicyclist or being new to taking transit. Do you remember the first time you loaded your bike onto a Metro bus? Taking that first trip can be daunting. Be the person that shows your colleague or classmate the ropes of their new commute. Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement and know-how from an expert like you!

Use Transportation Services (TS) resources to help your colleagues find a commute they enjoy. Whether it be inviting us to teach a class on urban cycling, or inviting our Commute Options team in for a session of personalized trip planning. We need your help sharing all the great benefits that TS has to offer people that are looking for a great commute.


In addition to sharing your passion and expertise about your favorite commute option, help us spread Transportation Services news and information. You know best how your community receives information—Internal newsletters? Posters in bathroom stalls? Announcements in team meetings? By helping TS promote programs and special campaigns like Bike Month, Ride Transit Month, Going My Way, and other fun activities, you are helping spread the word about how big a difference having a commute that you love can make in your life.

Be our friend on Facebook and share posts:

Work with departmental leadership to send department-wide emails about Transportation Services programming and events.

Celebrate and learn

It is clear that you know all there is to know about your commute. Now learn how to communicate that passion to others the Commute Ambassador way. Attend quarterly TS lunch and learns and discover new skills, like ways to help colleagues and friends find their own motivations to trying new things. Get inspiration from guest speakers and be the first to know about the latest TS news and events.


You know the needs of your department and campus groups the best. Contribute your ideas, suggestions and interests to TS so we can better serve the needs of your community. Bring us the ideas and concerns that your colleagues share so we can help put them into action.

Ambassador Resources